Wate aduce noi functii pentru WhatsApp Messenger


Wate este un tweak oferit din cursul acestei seri in Cydia pentru iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch-urile noastre, iar cu ajutorul sau putem implementa o multitudine de functii noi pentru aplicatia WhatsApp Messenger instalata in terminalele iPhone.

Conform dezvoltatorului Wate, tweak-ul sau inlocuieste butonul Return al tastaturii cu unul Send pentru a trimite mai repede mesajele si permite intarzierea trimiterii lor, permite stergerea unor mesaje sterse inainte de a fi trimise, permite atasarea de continut multimedia in mijlocul textelor, permite lipirea rapida de continut in texte, plus multe altele.

  • Replace the keyboard return key button with Send button to quickly deliver messages.
    • Send Delay: A quick review! Take back unwanted messages before they’re delivered! Never send a message by mistake, angrily, or to the wrong recipient again!
    • Popup Toolbar (Shortcuts): Quick delivery and editing shortcuts for your messages!
  • [Plane Icon]: Bypass the preset delay and fire away messages you’re certain of!
  • [Trash Icon]: Quickly erase a message before it gets delivered.
    • An easy way to stop a message dead in it’s tracks after hitting send.
  • [Paperclip Icon]: Attach media in the middle of writing a message. WhatsApp originally hides the media button once you’ve started typing. No longer are you forced to send or erase your message before attaching media.
  • [Copy Icon]: Quickly copy your drafted message to your clipboard to save and review later without having to highlight all and select.
  • [Clipboard Icon]: The Clipboard Icon lets you quickly paste whatever copied text is in your clipboard without having to manually tap the text box and press paste.
  • [Scissors Icon]: The Scissors Icon lets you quickly cut and save any text you have typed out in your clipboard. The text box automatically clears and your message will not be sent. This is a highly effective way to stop a message quickly so you can review it later on.
  • [Keyboard Icon]: The Keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly drop the keyboard to make more room for you to read your conversation. Lower the keyboard with just one tap of the screen.

Wate este disponibila pentru descarcare din repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia urmand acest link.