iPhone 7 review – laude pentru camera si performante

Primele iPhone 7 review au aparut in cursul acestei zile pe internet, ele laudand camera, camera duala a iPhone 7 Plus, ecarnul si performantele.


In mod destul de neobisnuit, astazi au inceput sa apara si primele iPhone 7 review de la jurnalistii americani care au primit de la compania Apple terminale iPhone 7 si iPhone 7 Plus pentru testare. In mod normal, m-as fi asteptat sa vad aparitia acestor review-uri abia in cursul zilei de joi, insa cei de la Apple au grabit lucrurile, desi nu s-a implinit o saptamana de la prezentarea lor.

In orice caz, in primele iPhone 7 review vedem laude serioase pentru camera duala a iPhone 7 Plus si performantele oferite de catre noul chip A10 Fusion. In cazul castilor AirPods parerile sunt impartite, unii jurnalisti americani fiind foarte incantati de ceea ce ofera Apple, in timp ce altii nu sunt chiar atat de uimiti de noile casti.

Separat, se pare ca versiunea jet black se zgarie intr-adevar foarte repede dupa doar cateva zile de utilizare, iar intreaga parte inferioara se misca impreuna cu apasarea butonului tactil. Pe de alta parte, rezistenta la apa este o schimbare extrem de buna si mai ales binevenita pentru un terminal precum iPhone.

iPhone 7 review dupa primele zile de utilizare

The Verge

“The entire time I was using the iPhone 7, I felt like I had a prototype of next year’s rumored drastic iPhone redesign disguised as an iPhone 6. All those bold bets on the future are legitimately exciting, but here in the present using the iPhone 7 in a case feels a lot like using a iPhone 6S with a weirder home button and more adapters.”


“I had a good time placing the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus under running water and dropping them into water-filled containers and sinks. Not only did they hold up, but both phones continued to function in the drink.

Each time I tried this, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were unharmed. I fished them out of the water and dried them with a cloth and then continue using them. One thing you cannot do right after submerging your phone, though, is charge it. Apple recommends letting the Lightning port dry out for five hours before attempting to charge either device again.”

iphone 7 rezistent apa


“This is quite simply the most sophisticated camera and image processor pairing ever seen in a smartphone or any camera period. There have been a couple of other applications of dual camera setups in phones, but the execution is crude by comparison. The optical zoom works great, and the 56mm lens naturally adds that nice compression of facial features and slight blurring of background that a standard lens gives, especially up close.”


“If you’re perfectly happy with your current device, wait for it to break, preferably on its way to the bottom of a pool — and then get one. With Google’s new Nexus (or Silver Surfer) phones around the corner, wait a month or so to switch. Maybe, uh, hold off on that Samsung for a while.”

Wall Street Journal

“Is it worth upgrading your two-year-old (or older) iPhone? Yes. Will many of us want to sell the 7 next year when Apple introduces Mr. Ive’s 10th-anniversary edition iPhone X Deluxe OLED in ceramic poppy red? For Apple’s sake, I hope so.”


“So, no, the iPhone 7 won’t blow your mind with its design or features. It’s still a fantastic phone. And philosophically, it feels like Apple is throwing open a door. The iPhone 7 might not be a revolution, but it might be the catalyst for lots of them. Your phone will be better in a few months, and even better a few months after that. And wouldn’t that be exciting?”


“The most important thing about the 2016 iteration of the iPhone is that, overall, it takes a truly excellent smartphone and makes it significantly better in a host of ways […]

With just the tap of a button labeled “2X”, I was able to get vivid, detailed shots at true 2X optical zoom, not the grainy digital zoom smartphone users have been wise to avoid forever. For me, and I suspect many other average folks, real zooming is a huge deal, bigger than some of the more esoteric effects photo hobbyists might value. In fact, this beautiful zooming dual camera is the first feature I’ve seen that might lure me to a large-screen phone […]

I’m sure the wireless earbud and headphone revolution is upon us now and that, in a few years, the battery life will double or triple. For now, though, this Apple change of a standard component adds a hassle to your phone use, whether you are wired or wireless. It’s an annoyance and a negative […]

I am impatient for Apple to do a top-to-bottom redesign of the iPhone, and the iPhone 7 isn’t it. Apple concedes this and strongly suggests a dramatic redesign won’t appear until next year, the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Let me stress: I am not for a redesign just for the hell of it. There are good reasons to change the look and feel of the iPhone: [they] still have big footprints for their screen sizes and big top and bottom bezels […]

Despite the undisputed improvements, this new iPhone just isn’t as compelling an upgrade as many of its predecessors. Some might want to wait a year for the next really big thing — and maybe a better audio solution to boot.”


“The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are at once the most technically impressive smartphones Apple has ever made and the most divisive. After all, they’re excellent because of Apple’s renewed attention to the basics: the speed, the camera, the screen, the battery. None of these improvements on their own are terribly exciting, but together they make for a pair of phones that are more than the sum of their parts. Then again, where’s the envelope-pushing? Where’s the Apple that upended an industry? It’s surely still there, locked behind closed doors that won’t be opened again for another year. In the meantime, we’re left to consider this year’s work.

If you can get over the all-too-familiar design and the no-headphone-jack thing, then the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are serious contenders for best smartphones, period. Note that I used the word “best,” not “most innovative” — neither of these devices is groundbreaking. We’ve seen many of these features (or features like them) pop up in rival phones already. That headphone jack thing aside, most of the choices made in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus feel like safe ones. There’s nothing wrong with that, but no matter how good the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are (answer: very, very good), Apple already has us all wondering what next year’s iPhone is going to be like.”

Business Insider

You can’t really judge the controversial move until you live with it for a few days. I’ve been using the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus since Apple unveiled it last week. I survived. In fact, I think the missing headphone jack is such a minor nuisance that I barely noticed […]

Apple used to pride itself on pushing design standards forward, with the rest of the industry attempting to copy or catch up. Apple’s rivals have perfected their designs, but its response was to release the same look for the third year in a row.

I know it might sound superficial to focus on design so much, but it’s something users take seriously, especially on a device they carry around and use all the time. It’s hard get excited about something new when it looks very similar to what you’ve seen before […]

The iPhone 7 [is] the best phone you can buy. I don’t recommend upgrading if you have an iPhone 6s, but there are enough improvements here to make it a worthwhile upgrade for just about everyone else.”