Night Sky – o aplicatie recomandata de Apple si oferita gratuit


Night Sky a fost promovata aplicatia gratuita a saptamanii pentru iPhone si iPad promovata de catre compania Apple si oferita gratuit pentru clientii din lumea intreaga. Aplicatia este dezvoltata de catre creatorii versiunii originale a aplicatiei Night Sky, iar cu ajutorul sau putem exploda galaxia direct de pe iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch-urile noastre.

Conform creatorilor Night Sky, aplicatia ne ajuta sa identificam stele, planete, constalatii si chiar satelitii care se plimba in jurul planetei noastre. Aplicatia are o interfata foarte complexa in care ne afiseaza toate aceste informatii, ea fiind perfecta pentru cei care intentioneaza sa afle mai mult despre spatiul cosmic.

“Quickly identify Stars, Planets, Constellations and Satellites above by simply holding your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to the Night Sky!  This is all done magically.  Whether you are looking for a constellation or the International Space Station, let Night Sky 4 direct you to it. Night Sky 4 ventures into territories no stargazing app has ever gone to before. Land on the surface of the Moon and experience Moon Tours of the Apollo 11 and Apollo 15 landing sites.  Night Sky 4 is the most beautiful and advanced stargazing app available.”

Night Sky este disponibila si intr-o versiune premium, iar cu ajutorul sau putem explora Luna, dezvoltatorii aplicatiei recreand aselenizarile misiunilor Apollo 11 si Apollo 15 in aplicatia lor. Toate aceste informatii sunt disponibile intr-un format foarte usor de utilizat, astfel ca vom avea parte de o experienta de folosire foarte buna.

“Land on the Moon:  Moon Tours – One giant leap for innovation.  We’ve accurately recreated the Apollo 11 and Apollo 15 lunar landing sites in a 3D environment as they would appear if you we’re there today!  You are able to explore yourself or be taken on a guided tour of the sites and learn interesting scientific and geographical facts about our Moon while you are actually on it. (Please note Moon Tours are only available on devices that support Metal rendering, iPhone 5S or newer, iPad Air or newer).”

Aplicatia Night Sky este disponibila pentru descarcare gratuita, in format universal, din AppStore urmand acest link.