Worms™ 4 poate fi Cumparat cu Pret Redus Astazi

Worms™ 4 reducere

Worms™ 4 este cel mai recent joc din seria Worms disponibil din cursul verii trecute in App Store si daca at jucat cu placere vreun alt joc din serie in trecut, atunci incepand de astazi veti avea o noua ocupatie.

Conform dezvoltatorilor Worms™ 4, noul joc: are implementat un sistem multiplayer noi care le permite jucatorilor sa se lupte intre ei in timp real, reduce durata exploziilor pentru a oferi o experienta mai buna de joc, are un meniu mai intuitiv si desigur care un motor grafic imbunatatit.

  • Synchronous Multiplayer Matches: Battle against opponents from around the world with real time one on one online multiplayer matches!
  • Shorter, more explosive matches to provide compelling bite sized gameplay.
  • Streamlined menu systems to get you into game with a minimum of fuss.
  • Add enriched cartoon visuals which look great even on the smaller screens.

Separat, Worms™ 4 are un set nou de arme pe care le puteti chiar si asambla singuri sau imbunatati pe parcursul gameplay-ului, o multitudine de componente si bonusuri fiind disponibile pentru cei interesati sa distruga si mai mult din lumea Worms.

In continuare avem noi locatii in care se desfasoara cele 80 de misiuni create pentru utilizatori, implementarea factiunilor pentru a alege pentru cine luptati, noi misiuni care au legatura cu evenimentele care se intampla in lumea intreaga si multe, multe altele.

  • Brand New Weapons: Wreak havoc with an assembly of brand new weapon designs including Hailey’s Comet!
  • Weapon Upgrades: Worms 4 is designed to be a very rewarding play experience. Players can collect more than a hundred weapon upgrades to make their worms more powerful! Weapon upgrades can be mixed and matched to better suit the player’s strategy.
  • Five Gorgeous Locations: Do battle in five beautiful hand drawn regions: Middle Turf, Candiville, Wacky-Habara, Tomorrow Islands and the Fro Zone.
  • 80 Single Player Missions: Test your skills against 80 single player missions. Missions are designed not only to provide the player with hours of enjoyment, but also to teach the finer points of Worms playing strategy!
  • Factions: Each player in the game chooses an allegiance, fighting under the banner of Red or Blue! The daily tug of war competition pits faction against faction, with the winners reaping the benefits of extra in-game rewards!
  • World Events: Each week dynamic events take place around the game’s world map. The player enters into these events and competes against other players, with the aim of representing their faction and earning prizes for fellow faction members.
  • Better with Metal: Users whose devices have metal support enjoy additional visual effects.
  • Fantastic Customisation Options: As always, Worms 4 features a plethora of great customisation options, allowing the player to individually customise each worm and give their team the personal touch!
  • Daily Challenges: Partake in fun optional daily challenges to earn yourself and your faction additional rewards!
  • Loot: Spin the loot wheel and break open the loot chests to gain truckloads of rewards and customise every aspect of your worm!
  • Connect with Friends: Connect your Facebook account to battle your friends in online multiplayer or view your friend’s progress on the world map screen and compete to beat their scores.

Worms™ 4 este disponibil pentru DESCARCARE la REDUCERE cu 2 euro fata de pretul normal, in format universal, din App Store.