FreeAppADay : iCatchall aplicatia gratuita a zilei


Proiectul FreeAppADay care ofera cate o aplicatie gratuita in fiecare zi isi continua activitatea cu tot felul de aplicatii, unele mai putin interesante decat altele si multe dintre ele nu chiar atat de bune incat sa merite atentia acordata.

Aplicatia gratuita a zilei de astazi este : iCatchall

iCatchall este o aplicatie de genul Appbox Pro care pentru necunoscatori este o aplicatie care incorporeaza in ea alte cateva zeci de aplicatii mai mici care pot fi foarte folositoare pentru orice posesor de telefon mobil, indeplinind o serioe intreaga de functii precum : lanterna, rigla, convertor de valuta, ceas digital, etc.

Ceea ce este foarte interesant la iCatchall este faptul ca permite utilizatorilor de iPhone sa transmita contactele de pe un iPhone pe altul prin intermediul WiFi, folosind optiunea Contact Clone. Functia aceasta este foarte folositoare avand in vedere ca functia pentru transferarea contactelor este permisa de iPhone OS numai prin trimiterea unui mesaj si folosirea ei prin orice alta metoda implica fie cumpararea unei aplicatii fie jailbreak-uirea telefonului si instalarea unei aplicatii din Cydia.

Iata feature-urile aplicatiei :
– Contact Clone: Share contact information over a WiFi network.
– Currency Converter: Figure out how much things cost in another country. (Exchange rates are updated daily if an Internet connection is available.)
– Digital Clock: everyone loves alarm clocks!
– File Storage: yep, save files on your iPhone or iPod touch to take with you! Has to be something in iCatchall that proves I’m capable of far more than the “Tip Calculator” level of programming expertise.
– Flashlight: perfect for emergencies like zombie attacks. Nearly Infinite color choices *
– Hourglass Timer: an elegant hourglass animates to act as a timer for games, etc.
– Level: straighten those pictures around the house!
– Lunar Calendar: see the phase of the moon.
– Massager: iPhone only. It’s vibrariffic.
– Measure: measure small things.
– Remember One Thing: remembers not two, not three, just One thing.
– iCatchall: travel Reward for Return: Build a wallpaper screen with your contact information in case your iPhone/iPod is lost.
– Tap Counter: you tap, it counts.
– Tip Calculator: it does the math so you don’t have to.
– Unit Converter: convert inches to cm, pints to liters, KPH to knots, cubits to furlongs and much more.
Fun Stuff
– 2-player Poker: Play Texas Hold’em against a friend!
– Flip a Coin: does what it says.
– Rock-Paper-Scissors: don’t let your iPhone beat you! We analyzed historic and classic RPS matches (like the Cleland/Gatica final in ’08) to optimize strategy. It uses the iPhone’s motion tracking to take into account subtle unconscious shifts in your hand position: the slight twist when you’re going for Paper, the clenching motion as you choose Rock. **
– Roll the Dice: Roll 1 to 5 dice.
– Deal Cards: Shuffle up.
– Flaming Balls of Fire: much better than a simple lighter.
– iPhone Five!: be more like The Todd.
– Kitchen Sink the Game: keep coins out of the plumbing & don’t touch the moldy food. More addictive and challenging than you might think!
– Stack Poker Chips: a pile of chips to play with.
– Tap Dancing Simulator: get your riverdance on. The first Tap Dance simulator on the iPhone. Yeah, that’s something for my resume. Somehow, this seems more impressive.
– iHuh?: Huh? Hmm?
– Flatulence: recreate that scene from Blazing Saddles.
– Music Video: it’s a music video!
– Rim Shot: punctuate that punch line.
– Studio Audience: get the applause you deserve.
– Tell a Friend: tell your friends how cool iCatchall is.

E adevarat ca Appbox Pro are mai multe functii utila si e mult mai cunoscuta insa iCatchall merita incercata, oricum e gratuita si nu aveti ce pierde. Pentru cei interesati, aplicatia poate fi downloadata din AppStore de aici.