Dev Team si geohot vor lucra la noul exploit pentru decodarea iPhone-ului

Dev Team si geohot sunt 2 entitati care de cateva luni lucreaza separat la exploit-ul pentru jailbreak si unlock, asta deoarece la un moment dat colaborarea lui geohot cu Dev Team a incetat, in mod fortat. Acum cateva luni, acesta a publicat un articol in care sustinea ca Dev Team ar putea lucra defapt pentru Apple, insa se pare ca acele zile au trecut si acum ar putea lucra impreuna pentru developarea urmatorului exploit pentru baseband 05.12.01.

Informatiile vin in urma unei discutii pe un canal de IRC intre geohot si MuscleNerd in care geohot sustine ca el avea deja exploit-ul gasit de sherif_hashim in urma cu aproape 2 saptamani si ca el intentiona sa il foloseasca in blacksn0w insa a optat pentru o alta metoda de exploatare a software-ului, o metoda prin folosirea unor coduri publice.

Daca este asa cum spune geohot atunci probabil baseband-ul curent are mai multe “gauri” pe care Apple nu a reusit sa le acopere, insa scopul principal al cooperarii este evitarea situatiei in care Dev Team si geohot ar lansa 2 exploit-uri diferite pentru decodare. Ar fi o situatie neplacuta pentru ca s-ar duce pe ap sambetei 2 exploit-uri care daca intr-adevar sunt diferite ar putea ajuta atat la decodarea baseband-ului de acum dar si a urmatorului/urmatoarelor baseband-uri.

Eu sunt sigur ca la vara cand va aparea iPhone OS 4.0 vom avea o metoda de jailbreak si decodare la cateva zile dupa lansarea oficiala, exact ca anul trecut.

Iata discutia dintre cei 2 :

<visnet_> What does geohot tweet mean?
<%geohot> its my bb exploit for safekeeping
<%Par4doX> geohot: did you turn that over to the dev team or are you doing something with it?
<%geohot> my days of turning things over are done
<%geohot> i hope its different from the one they have
<%geohot> but they prob already have it
<%geohot> its the one i orig wanted to release blacksn0w with
<%Par4doX> it’s still there in the new bb
<%geohot> yep, just checked
<%geohot> but then opted to use xemn since it was public
<Evan> Oo, it carries over from 05.11 to 05.12?
<%geohot> why wouldn’t it, apple doesn’t fix things proactivly
<@MuscleNerd> geohot we prob should figure out a way to know if we have same exploit double blind, otherwise we may release 2 different ones at same time
<%geohot> any suggestions?
<@MuscleNerd> not sure how to do that without making it easy to brute force tho
<%geohot> yea, i salted the hash
<@MuscleNerd> yeah
<@MuscleNerd> hmm maybe if we both hash the stack dump
<@Confucious> Can you two take this out of public sight?
<@MuscleNerd> the stack itself, not the header before it or the registers after it
<Her> muscle: any notice about the exploits are the same ?
<%geohot> we are working on it
<%geohot> cryptography, perfect for people who don’t trust each other