Gameloft Sports Pack acum in AppStore



Defapt e de vreo 5 zile acest Sports Pack de la Gameloft si dupa cum vedeti mai sus contine 3 jocuri : Let’s Golf!, Real Tennis si Pro Baseball, toate foarte interesante, primele 2 au petrecut ceva timp in iPhone-ul meu si mi-au ocupat cateva ore bune din viata.

Pentru Let’s Golf! aveti o prezentare aici, iar pentru celelalte 2 iata cateva features :


– From Paris to New York to Stockholm, play in 7 stadiums on 3 different surfaces – clay, grass and synthetic – each providing a different experience

– Controls making the most of the iPhone/iPod Touch capabilities. Serve by tilting your iPhone/iPod Touch!

– A wide array of strokes for a deeper experience: Lob, drop shot, smash and more

– A Career mode that lets you join a tennis tour just like a real professional player

– Local Wi-Fi Multiplayer to challenge your friends in real time!


– The best graphics of any baseball simulation on the App Store with full 3D players and stadiums

– A variety of different animations when batting, pitching, catching, and more

– Try different game modes, from a full 162-game season with playoffs to a challenging home-run mode

– Even more realism thanks to audio commentary, sound effects and spectator reactions to your plays

So, daca esti fan sports game atunci pack-ul asta ar putea fi un mod bun de a-ti ocupa timpul, Gameloft Sports Pack costa 3.99€ si poate fi cumparat din Ro AppStore de aici.