BiteSMS 4.7 final disponibil in Cydia

Dupa un proces de development destul de rapid, BiteSMS 4.7 a fost in sfarsit lansat in versiunea finala si vine cu un changelog foarte mare, de altfel era de asteptat avand in vedere ca beta-urile au avut si ele changelog-uri destul de mari.

BiteSMS este un utilitar foarte bun pentru administrarea SMS/MMS-urilor din iPhone-ul vostru si ofera o serie de functii foarte utile cum ar fi : QuickReply, QuickSend, trimiterea de SMS-uri din interiorul unei aplicatii folosind functia QuickReply, trimiterea de SMS-uri din lockscreen folosind aceeasi functie, posibilitatea de a folosi reteaua proprie BiteSMS pentru a trimite mesaje internationale la preturi promotionale si multe multe altele.

Iata ce aduce nou BiteSMS 4.7 :

● A license is no longer required to use biteSMS, if you don’t have a license or credits you will be shown ads instead. The intent is that those who can’t afford / don’t want to pay can at least help in supporting the biteSMS team by accepting the ads.
● Delivery Reports, done really nicely with icons!
● Quick List feature. From the biteSMS status bar icon, easily display and action your unread SMS messages.
● Quick Reply now has 9 action buttons you can use. Simply configure (displayed or not, display order and gesture) in Settings, Quick Reply, Configure Buttons.For example, my top 3 Quick Reply buttons are [Later] [Popup] [Send], and I can still swipe left & right in the Quick Reply window to make use of the other 6 buttons!!!
● As above, but 6 action buttons for Quick Compose.
● In Settings, Quick Reply, Configure Buttons you can choose the required action for the “Red X” icon or the Home button, as either Close (mark as read) or Later (leave unread) or no action.
● Quick Compose now remembers the recipient and text you entered (within 5 minutes or until sent), so you can exit Quick Compose do something else and then come back and complete your message.
● Added Pocket Protection feature (Settings, Lock Screen Mode, Features). Set this to off if you would like all the Quick Reply buttons to be active without needing to tap in the text field. I love this feature!
● New settings “Lock Screen Mode >” and “Unlock Screen Mode >”, allows you to quickly manage and visualize the settings for these two very different modes.For example, want to use just Quick List in lock screen mode with no SMS alerts? It’s now easy to configure!
● If you are in Quick List, Quick Compose or Quick Reply and an incoming SMS arrives, it no longer “takes over the screen” it simply gets added to the Quick List (after appropriate sound and vibrate).
● The “Tap for Quick Compose” HUD now starts to fade immediately (still takes time to fade but starts straight away not 1.5 seconds later)
● Under the group Carrier SMS Plan in settings, the “Plan Includes” and “Currently Used” counters are now 5-digits instead of 4.
● Added a Forum link in the Settings, About page.
● Fixed up the Quick Compose HUD click sound file, so it can now be customized via Winterboard.
● Fixed up issue where Quick Compose and Quick Reply could make future Apple alerts on the SpringBoard appear in landscape mode.

BiteSMS 4.7 poate fi instalat din Cydia prin repo-ul BigBoss, beneficiaza de o perioada de trial dupa care trebuie sa cumparati aplicatia. Licenta intreaga costa 8.95€ si nu expira vreodata, insa puteti sa cumparati o licenta partiala care expira intr-un an, cea mai ieftina costand 4€ insa include 50SMS-uri internationale.

Sunt curios, cati dintre voi folosesc BiteSMS? Necesita multe resurse? Scade autonomia bateriei sau nu?

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