Cu ce aplicatii se pot transfera muzica, poze,clipuri video sau contacte de pe iPhone?


iDevice-urile sunt niste gadget-uri intr-adevar extraordinare insa care duc nativ lipsa de o functionalitate de baza : posibilitatea de a transmite fisiere intre ele sau cu alte terminale prin BlueTooth sau Wi-Fi. Apple a limitat/blocat in iOS posibilitatea de a trimite orice tip de fisiere prin BlueTooth insa a acceptat in AppStore aplicatii care implementeaza aceasta functionalitate. Am fost intrebat de nenumarate ori despre metode prin care pot fi transferate orice tip de fisiere de pe un iPhone pe alt iPhone sau alt terminal asa ca iata cateva aplicatii(gasite la o simpla cautare in AppStore) care va vor ajuta sa transferati : poze, muzica, clipuri video si contacte prin Wi-Fi, BlueTooth sau 3G de pe orice iDevice.

LoKast – gratuita, permite transfer de muzica, poze, clipuri video si contacte prin Wi-Fi, BlueTooth si 3G.

————- KEY FEATURES ————–
– Search nearby for other users and media
– Share SONGS to preview and then download
– Send PHOTOS or entire albums to other Phones
– Share VIDEOS at high speeds
– Share as many of your CONTACTS and WEB LINKS as you desire
– Go LIVE and surf the Web with others nearby
– Download FEATURED CONTENT and share with other friends

iShare Pro – pret 0.79€, permite transfer de poze si contacte intre iPhone/iPod Touch prin BlueTooth si Wi-Fi
– It supports bluetooth and WIFI.
– You have a complete sharing solution (3 in 1). You don’t need to buy 3 applications. Share your contacts, photos, and chat with other iPhones/iPod Touches.
– Unlike some other photo sharing apps, iShare Pro does not scale down or do any lossy compression of your photos before transferring. In other words, the receiver gets the exact image that was in the sender’s photo library.
– Unlike some other contacts sharing apps, with iShare Pro, all contact informations are transmitted to the receiver.

Xfer Videos – pret 2.39€, permite transferul de clipuri video si poze prin Wi-Fi si BlueTooth intre iDevices sau cu alte calculatoare

Xfer Videos allows you to exchange iPhone QuickTime (.MOV) videos and JPEG pictures in your device’s camera roll with other Apple mobile devices (iPod Touchs, iPhones, and iPads) via BlueTooth and WiFi as well as with computers on your WiFi router’s local area network.

Improved user interface with color coded buttons when enabled, and grayed out when not. New BlueTooth switch. Improved WiFi video/photo picker display.

vShare – pret 1.59€, permite transferul de poze prin Wi-Fi si BlueTooth
vShare for iPhone and iPod touch allows you to easily and quickly share photos with another device and view their photos too!
– Quick and very easy to use. Within seconds you can share or view photos with others.
– Pick as many images to share or view as you want.
– Save images from others that you like.
– Works over both Wifi and bluetooth. So share even when on the go!
Please note that bluetooth transfers do not work on the first generation iPhone and iPod touch.We would love to hear from you and make this an even better app. Please provide your feedback at

BlueTooth Photo Share – gratuita, permite transferul de poze prin BlueTooth
Transfer photos and/or contacts between two iPhones and/or iPod Touches over bluetooth. Requires iPhone 3G or later or 2nd generation iPod Touch or later (Bluetooth data transfer cannot be supported on the original iPhone or original iPod Touch due to hardware limitations).
Unlike some other photo sharing apps, Bluetooth Photo Share does not scale down or do any lossy compression of your photos before transferring. In other words, the receiver gets the exact image that was in the sender’s photo library.
Allows you to transfer contacts from your address book.
The receiver transfer screen includes a thumbnail preview of the photo AS IT IS BEING TRANSFERRED and a cancel button so that you can cancel the transfer if you decide you do not want it.
Shows a scrollable list of thumbnails and file sizes for all of the images that you’ve received.
Allows you to view your photo albums that your photos were saved in.

Mover+ – pret 1.59€, permite transferul de poze, contacte, clipuri video, bookmars si text clippings prin Wi-Fi si BlueTooth
Mover+ works with video shot by your iPhone 3GS, and on all iPhone and iPod models with photos, contacts, web bookmarks and text clippings. Mover+ works best when transferring over Wi-Fi and can also connect compatible iPhones and iPod touches over Bluetooth in a pinch.
ALL NEW VERSION! Mover 3.0 has been rewritten from the ground up to make it faster and more reliable, and now includes video transfer support!
Move things around and send them to the iPhone where you want them to be with just a flick.
Send videos from iPhone 3GS and receive it on all iPhone and iPod models!
Also, send and receive photos, contacts, bookmarks and text clippings from all iPhones.
No need for pairing: Mover can pick up other iPhones connected to the same Wi-Fi network. And if there’s no Wi-Fi, Mover+ also supports Bluetooth transfers on newer models of iPhone and iPod touch.
No need to worry about saving: everything is immediately saved on arrival in your iPhone’s Pictures and Contacts, and never deleted by Mover.

PhotoSpread – pret 2.39€, permite transferul de poze si clipuri video prin Wi-Fi si BlueTooth
-Automatically scan and connect to the nearby devices, automatically send and receive.(All your devices need to run the App to connect.)
-Photos and videos are transferred in full resolution, without any quality losing.
-Select dozens of photos or videos at one time (iOS4) or Paste multiple photos from pasteboard(iOS3).
-Send photos or videos to all connected devices at one time.
-Two-way transfer, select photos or videos to send while you are receiving.
-Receive photos or videos from multiple devices.
-Intelligent network bandwidth detection, always try to transfer at max speed.
-Very fast downloading and uploading from PC in a browser with Wi-Fi connection, no cables required.
-Automatically push photos to browser while new photos prepared.

Astea ar fi cateva dintre aplicatiile gasite de mine la o cautare sumara. Cea mai completa mi s-a parut a fi LoKast pentru ca iti permite practic sa transferi cam tot ce ai nevoie si e gratuita. Sunt sigur ca exista mult mai multe aplicatii de acest gen si va rog sa le lasati numele in comentarii iar eu le voi adauga in lista.