Prima Pagina aplicatii Firewall IP 2.0 update disponibil in Cydia

Firewall IP 2.0 update disponibil in Cydia


Firewall IP este singura aplicatie de tip firewall pentru iDevices, prin intermediul ei avand optiunea de a controla absolut tot traficul facut de terminalul vostru iPhone. Firewall IP este disponibila in Cydia de ceva vreme insa recent a fost lansata versiunea 2.0 a aplicatie care aduce foarte multe noutati. Folosind aceasta aplicatie veti putea bloca accesul la internet a anumitor aplicatii, veti putea controla modul in care se conecteaza altele si veti putea seta ca toate sau anumite aplicatii sa ceara permisiunea de a se conecta la internet.

Iata caracteristicile aplicatiei :

  • Block outgoing TCP & UDP connections selectively
  • Shows you the hostname for the connection & can provide you with WhoIs information
  • Block connections of apps when you are on a cellular network
  • Block analytic providers / data collectors which PrivaCy can’t
  • Block unneeded content

Iata ce aduce nou Firewall IP 2.0 :

  • full IPv6 support (be advised that many Internet Service Providers don’t even support IPv6 yet, so if you aren’t able to access a IPv6 only server, it’s not FiP’s fault )
  • all new rules are being saved with date and time. Now you can look up which rules you created last
  • totally new way of showing the popup.
  • redesigned popup
  • Option to have the Deny Tab in front (Settings in the GUI)
  • a field on the PoPup which shows the url (TCP) or the data packet (UDP) (if possible)
  • if the hostname has more than 2 parts (more than, when you tap on the selector for “normal, *, and *.” you’ll be able to select parts of the hostname the rule will apply to
  • Option to Import/Export FiP settings (one file) so you can easily backup your stuff (Settings in the GUI)
  • support for port ranges
  • many other enhancements and fixes
  • GameCenter support: added support for the game center daemon (a process which runs in the background). You’ll have to REBOOT your device after installation to enable this (Saurik will fix that in a future MobileSubstrate update). IMPORTANT: because game center is actually an own progress which runs in the background and starts running when a game needs it, rules applied to the Game Center Daemon will affect all apps. You can use allow/deny (all) session to make changes for every game.

Firewall IP este disponibila in Cydia pentru 2.99$.