Photoforge 2 este disponibila acum si pe iPad


Incepand de ieri celebra aplicatie de editare foto numita PhotoForge 2 este disponibila si pe tableta iPad. Aplicatia a avut parte de un succes extraordinar de mare in randul posesorilor de iPhone si dezvoltatorii s-au gandit ca o versiune pentru iPad ar fi binevenita in momentul de fata. Photoforge 2 este acum disponibila  ca o aplicatie universala iar versiunea pentru iPad aduce foarte multe modificari in UI astfel incat functiile sa fie cat se poate de bine evidentiate pe ecranul tabletei. Butoanele sunt mai mari, spatiul de lucrul este mai mare, viteza de editare este mai mare, practic “bigger is better” in cazul Photoforge 2 iar procesorul dual-core al iPad 2 isi face simtita prezenta cand lucrati cu aplicatia.

Iata ce aduce nou versiunea 2.1 a Photoforge 2 :

  • Native iPad support is here! PhotoForge2 is now a universal application and fully supports the iPad. All the functionality in the iPhone version is now available in the full resolution of the iPad.
  • Mask painting has been dramatically improved. Painting is now incredibly fast even on super large images.
  • New composition mode while mask painting allows you to see the layers below, making masking the easiest way to selectively apply filters and effects to your photos.
  • Cropping handles have been redesigned and implemented making cropping much easier to control than before.
  • The rotation gesture in the cropping tool has been removed and replaced with 1 degree rotation buttons.
  • Added ability to save photos back to the documents directory. Making it very easy to get your images back onto your computer.
  • Can now save images in JPEG, PNG and TIFF. PNG and TIFF will maintain any transparency in your images. (Not all upload locations support all image formats).
  • Can now control compression quality of JPEG.
  • Added a bunch more IPTC fields that can be edited.
  • Added an address input field when editing GPS location information on the map screen.
  • Added ability to manually remove GPS info from an image on the map screen.
  • Added a control to all uploaders that will allow selectively striping meta data from images when uploading.
  • Adjustments, Effects, Tools and Uploader lists now save your last location so the last used item will be the first item in your list.
  • Increased the size of the handles in the levels editor which should make them easier to grab.
  • Added a link to online tutorials in the main menu.
  • Fixed Facebook uploader crashes on certain devices and versions of iOS.
  • Fixed many iOS 5 related issues.
  • Lots and lots of other bug fixes and tweaks.

Aplicatia este compatibila atat cu iPad cat si cu iPad 2 desi doar cea de-a doua generatie a tabletei are camere incorporate. Avand in vedere ca aplicatia este acum universala, ar trebui sa puteti instala Photoforge 2 pe iPad daca ati achizitionat-o deja pentru iPhone.

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In anticipation of the release of native iPad support, PhotoForge2 will be on sale until its release.

PhotoForge2 is the definitive photo manipulation software for iOS. Completely re…


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