Bug Fix: Duplicate Icons – rezolva un bug al Springboard-ului din iOS


      Bug Fix: Duplicate Icons este un tweak disponibil in Cydia care rezolva un bug al sistemului de detectare a iconitelor identice implementat de catre Apple in Springboard. Atunci cand aveti 2 iconite identice in springboard, sistemul reseteaza automat layout-ul facut de catre voi pentru a sterge una dintre cele 2 iconite deci veti pierde toata aranjarea facuta in prealabil. Bug Fix: Duplicate Icons rezolva aceasta problema prin simpla stergere a uneia dintre cele 2 iconite fara a mai reseta layout-ul Springboard-ului. Tweak-ul nu poate determina care dintre cele 2 iconite este cea buna asa ca o sterge pe cea adaugata a doua oara lasand prima in loc.

      Bug Fix: Duplicate Icons este disponibil gratuit in Cydia in repo-ul BigBoss. Developerul explica faptul ca acest bug ar putea sa apara fie din cauza unei alte probleme existe in Springboard si nerezolvate de catre Apple fie din cauza unor tweak-uri sau plugin-uri instalate din Cydia.

When duplicate icons are detected in a user’s icon layout, instead of removing the duplicates, SpringBoard simply resets the layout.

This package provides a fix that removes the duplicates instead of resetting the layout.

What causes duplicate icons?
  • “Stuck Pages” bug in SpringBoard
  • Bugs in 3rd-party SpringBoard extensions
  • Misuse of 3rd-party SpringBoard extensions

When duplicate icons are found, this fix cannot determine which icon is the original and which is the duplicate. Therefore, it keeps the first entry that it finds, and deletes the rest.

That means that while your layout will not be reset, one or two icons may appear to move to another location (such as outside of a folder).