Hands-Free Control permite rularea de comenzi vocale cu iDevice-ul in sleep mode

  Hands-Free Control este un tweak publicat in cursul serii trecute in Cydia care permite posesorilor de iDevice-uri sa activeze serviciul Siri sau Voice Control chiar si atunci cand terminalul lor este in sleep mode. Un dispozitiv se afla in sleep mode atunci cand este blocat si are ecranul inchis iar teoretic nicio comanda nu poate fi rulata pe el. Ei bine Hands-Free Control adauga un serviciu care ruleaza incontinuu in background si la rostirea cuvantului Siri deschide functia Voice Control pe iPhone 3GS/4 si Siri pe iPhone 4S insa pentru 4S trebuie sa asteptam lansarea unei solutii de jailbreak.

Hands-Free Control provides a continuous listening service on your device to activate voice functions, even while in sleep mode. When you speak the keyword, “Siri,” the Siri service (on the iPhone 4S, once jailbroken), or Voice Control (on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod 3, and iPod 4) will be activated without pressing any buttons, and then wait for further voice input. Normally you have to press and hold the home button for several seconds to activate these voice functions, but now with this app these features are completely hands-free! Just say “Siri.”Sensitivity adjustment to the key word, as well as other configuration options, are provided in the Settings app under “Hands-Free Control.” It also works with headphones and bluetooth devices. Because Hands-Free Control runs continuously in the background, noticeable battery usage is to be expected while enabled. To disable, turn off in the Settings. For further questions please refer to my FAQ at handsfreecontrol.com. (the link is further below). No icons are added to the home screen. Configure Hands-Free Control options from your Settings app.

  Dezvoltatorul tweak-ului explica foarte clar ca Siri nu va fi instalat pe dispozitivul nostru deci nu va faceti iluzii. Practic Hands-Free Control este un serviciu ca mobilesubstrate care ruleaza constant in background asteptand ca utilizatorul sa rosteasca, cuvantul Siri si sa deschida serviciul Voice Control sau Siri. Partea proasta este ca autonomia bateriei va fi afectata, partea buna este ca serviciul functioneaza chiar si cu accesorii handsfree. Hands-Free Control este disponibil in Cydia in repo-ul BigBoss pentru 1.99$.