Castigatorii: Concurs – Castiga unul dintre cele 4 coduri gratuite pentru jocul Death Rally 2.0!


   Death Rally este unul dintre jocurile mele favorite si recent o noua versiune a sa a fost lansata in App Store. Dezvoltatorii de la compania Remedy au lansat versiunea 2.0 a Death Rally aseara si in ea au inclus foarte multe lucruri noi pentru fanii jocului. Marea noutate adusa de aceasta versiunea a Death Rally este posibilitatea de a juca in multiplayer online deci va veti putea intrece fie cu prietenii vostri fie cu jucatori din alte colturi ale lumii. Trebuie sa recunosc faptul ca acest modul multiplayer il astept de mult si il voi incerca astazi cu siguranta!

    Iata tot ce aduce nou Death Rally 2.0 :

DEATH RALLY’s complete multiplayer campaign ROAD WARS! Keep living the Death Rally! 

You and millions of others have downloaded Death Rally and been busy honing your skills in single player. Now it’s time to put those skills to the real test in Road Wars, the new ruthless multiplayer campaign! Compete against thousands of other players, rise up in ranks and become the king of the game. Become The Adversary.

Version 2.0: 

  • ROAD WARS MULTIPLAYER: Experience the complete multiplayer campaign. Unlock cars and weapons by destroying your opponents. Advance your career. Claim the crown.
  • FRIENDS PLAY: Round up your friends on your own Friends Game Channel. Use auto match and never get lost.
  • BATTLE MODIFIERS: Turn the odds in your favor. Use Shotgun Blues to make your auto machine gun shoot shotgun shells, or start your race using nitros with Quick Start.
  • WAR PAINT: Unique paint job for Shrieker and Vagabond that brings these cars’ performance to a whole new level!
  • NEW RANK SYSTEM: From Roadkill to Battle-Hardened Captain, track your progress more accurately than ever before on your way to becoming the Adversary. Carry your shield with pride!

And much, much more in this ENORMOUS Death Rally update!

   Pentru a participa trebuie doar sa lasati un comentariu cu textul Particip. Concursul se va incheia maine, 18.12.2011 la ora 20:00. Daca ati cumparat deja aplicatia nu participati deoarece acest update poate fi instalat gratuit de cei care au achizitionat jocul.

CASTIGATORII: RichardO3 , AurashCi , Gherghe,  MafiaSIC