Dev Team ofera informatii despre noua solutie de untethered jailbreak, cere donatii pentru echipa


   S-a anuntat aseara si astazi ca solutia de untethered jailbreak pentru iPad 2 si iPhone 4S se apropie de lansare iar acum Dev Team vine si face acelasi anunt printr-un articol publicat pe propriul blog. Cei de la Dev Team ne anunta ca solutia de jailbreak este gata, ca ea este testata pentru a se rezolva eventualele buguri si ca ea va fi disponibila initial prin intermediul unei aplicatii conceputa de catre Chronic Dev Team iar mai apoi ea va fi inclusa direct in redsn0w. Cei care au nevoie de unlock trebuie sa isi pastreze baseband-ul intact iar posesorii de terminale iPhone 4S trebuie sa ramana la iOS 5 pentru a se asigura ca vor putea face unlock pe viitor.

To be as flexible as possible, the A5 version of the corona jailbreak will take multiple forms:

  • Chronic Dev have incorporated the overall flow into a GUI that runs on your Mac or PC
  • iPhone Dev have incorporated the exact same flow into a command-line interface (CLI).  This will allow us to help users through individual steps of the jailbreak manually, to both help the user and help improve the overall flow.  Although the CLI will also allow the user to perform the entire jailbreak from beginning to end, we anticipate it will be more useful in debugging the occasional errors.  The CLI currently has over 20 individual options (in addition to the single “jailbreak” option) that should be useful during debug after the GUI release.
  • Once all the bugs in the flow are worked out, we’ll also incorporate it into the redsn0w GUI (but still leave the CLI freely available too).  In order to maximize the chances of the jailbreak working for everyone, the redsn0w GUI will use native Apple iTunes libraries — this technique is slightly different than how the Chronic Dev GUI handles communications, and should provide nice combined coverage for all the odd computer configurations out there.

   In ceea ce priveste compatibilitatea: solutia de untethered jailbreak va functiona pe iOS 5.0/5.0.1(9A405) si 5.0.1(9A406) pe iPhone 4S insa pe tableta iPad 2 va functiona doar pe iOS 5.0.1 in momentul de fata. Cei care au iPhone 4S cu build-ul 9A406(il puteti verifica din Settings>General>About) pot face restore din iTunes la build-ul 9A405 pentru ca Apple inca semneaza SHSH-uri pentru el.


The supported firmware versions will be:

  • iPhone4S: 5.0 (9A334), 5.0.1 (9A405) and the “other” 5.0.1 (9A406)
  • iPad2: 5.0.1 (9A405)

iPhone4S owners looking to maximize their chances of achieving an eventual software-based carrier unlock should be staying at 5.0.  Everyone else should be at 5.0.1.  If you’re an iPhone4S owner who already updated to 5.0.1, it’s too late to go back down to 5.0, but if you’re on 9A406 it is possible to downgrade the BB by going to the 9A405 version of 5.0.1 while the window is still open.

   In final Dev Team cere tuturor celor interesati sa doneze orice suma de bani catre acest cont paypal in ideea de a sustine dezvoltarea viitoarelor solutii de jailbreak. Daca aveti bani eu va recomand sa donati pentru ca asta ii va incuraja pe dezvoltatori sa se grabeasca pe viitor cu lansarea solutiilor de acest gen.

Because there were so many different people and teams involved in the A5 corona release, we all felt the most equitable approach to any Paypal contributions should involve a single shared account.  If you do feel the desire to contribute to the “dream team” Paypal account, it will be distributed to the members according to internally agreed-upon proportions 🙂  The same link will be on both the Chronic Dev and iPhone Dev versions of the GUI.  This method seemed like the fairest to everyone involved!