Clear 1.1 update disponibil in App Store


  Clear este o aplicatie interesanta pentru platforma iOS care a fost lansata la sfarsitul anului trecut si aducea pentru platforma celor de la Apple un mod interesant de administrare a task-urilor. Aplicatia a devenit foarte populara, a fost descarcata in cateva sute de mii de exemplare la scurt timp dupa lansare iar acum dezvoltatorii sai au lansat un update in App Store. Noua versiune a aplicatiei scoate limita de caracter, aduce cateva teme noi, vine cu gesturi pe care inca nu le-ati putut utiliza plus multe altele :

Shake to Undo: a popular request, and now all yours.
Character Cap is now voluntary. With great power comes great responsibility…
Secret Themes! How secret? So tantalizingly secret we can’t say more.

Plus MORE tweaks and fixes, thanks to your awesome feedback!

• New option display the iOS status bar.
• Improved the tap-to-create-item behaviour at the bottom of lists.
• 25% added inspiration (more quotes!)
• Shiny new UI elements
• Fixed legibility in low-contrast situations with subtle text emboss
• Added the Clear tutorial to the Tips and Tricks menu
• Bug fixes

The team is hard at work behind the scenes on some amazing things for Clear, to come later this year… but we hope you like this update!

  Clear este disponibila pentru 0.79€ in App Store.