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Tim Cook sustine ca zvonurile despre iPhone 5 si iPad Mini au afectat negativ vanzarile de iDevice-uri


  In cadrul conferintei pentru prezentarea rezultatelor financiare pentru Q2 2012(Q3 pentru Apple), Tim Cook si Peter Oppenheimer au discutat despre impactul pe care zvonurile le au asupra vanzarilor de iDevice-uri. Se pare ca sume importante de bani au fost pierdute din cauza zvonurilor care circula despre lansarea iPhone 5 si iPad Mini, vanzarile actualelor iDevice-uri scazand din cauza ca unii utilizatori prefera sa amane o achizitie pana in momentul in care noile produse ajung pe piata. Tim Cook a fost mult mai optimist decat colegul sau, fiind convins ca toti cei care au amanat acum achizitia o vor face in toamna, lucru complet adevarat. Totusi, trebuie notat faptul ca HTC One X si Samsung Galaxy S III au avut un impact mare asupra vanzarilor de terminale iPhone, cele doua smartphone-uri Android facandu-si intrarea pe piata in acest trimestru fiscal.

There’s a lot of speculation out there. It’s difficult to sort out but I’m fairly convinced that there’s an incredible anticipation out there for future products. As you would expect given what we’ve been able to deliver in the past. I think it’s a reasonable amount.

Try very hard to keep our product roadmap secret and confidential. We go to extremes to do that. That, however, doesn’t stop people from speculating or wondering and they’ll never do that. The great thing about this country is that people can say what they think and so-forth. I’m not going to spend any energy trying to change that. I’m glad that people want the next thing. I’m super happy about it. There are obviously quite a few that want what we’re doing now as well. I’m not going to put any energy into trying to get people to stop speculating. I don’t think it would amount to anything.

  Era normal ca zvonurile sa afecteze serios veniturile companiei avand in vedere ca majoritatea utilizatorilor asteapta cu nerabdare lansarea iPhone 5, insa asta nu inseamna ca Apple se va precipita si va lansa dispozitivul mai devreme doar pentru a isi creste veniturile. iPhone 5 va fi lansat in aproape aceleasi conditii precum iPhone 4S, Apple va pierde in continuare bani in Q4 2012, insa cei din conducere se asteptau la asa ceva avand in vedere ca vorbim despre sezonul de vara si despre lunile dinaintea lansarii celui mai important produs din portofoliul Apple.