Gyro Cropper iti permite sa faci crop pozelor din iOS folosind giroscopul din iDevice-uri


  Gyro Cropper este o aplicatie lansata de ceva vreme in App Store, iar ea aduce un sistem nou si interesant pentru crop-uirea pozelor disponibile in in Device-urile noastre. In locul metodei clasice de efectuare a operatounii folosind chenare sau alte miscari, aplicatia ne permite sa utilizam giroscopul iDevice-urilor si miscari ale acestuia pentru a taia pozele dupa bunul plac. Practic tot ce trebuie sa facem este sa rotim terminalul in partile pe care dorim sa le taiem, fara a atinge imaginea cu degetele in timpul efectuarii operatiunii si fara a ascunde partile importante care trebuie taiate.

With our “Gyro Cropper” application you can crop your images smoothly and freely by an unprecedented new method. Easily rotate an image intuitively by moving the device. Because the screen is not hidden with fingers in rotating, you can decide composition while viewing the entire area.

  • “Gyro Cropper” offers a simple way to straighten the horizontal / vertical angle of an inclined image.
  • Adjust the layout automatically not to have useless blanks when rotating. Crop perfect composition within the cropping frame.
  • Easily change the aspect ratio of any image.
  • Visually confirm size before, after and during cropping anytime. And choose from a variety of export qualities.
  • In app sharing posting to Instagram (With no crop !!).
  • Now with PhotoAppLink support! Share your pictures with other apps quickly and easily.
  • High res support.
  • EXIF / Location data support.

  Gyro Cropper este disponibila gratuit in App Store.

Pretul initial:
Gyro Cropper



Developer: FANG Inc.
Categoria: Photo & Video

Descriere: – “Reinventing the photo cropping.”

– This Gyro function has been adopted in latest iPhoto for iOS.
– Gyro cropping is the most advanced user interface that ever.

With our “Gyro Cropper” application you …

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