StreamPlay implementeaza o multitudine de functii noi pentru aplicatia YouTube



  StreamPlay este un tweak disponibil de ieri in Cydia pentru iDevice-urile noastre, iar cu ajutorul sau putem implementa o multitudine de functii noi pentru aplicatia YouTube pentru iOS. mai exact, tweak-ul ne permite sa vizualizam clipuri video in format HQ indiferent ce conexiune de internet avem, dar fara a avea parte de buffering-ul ce se intampla in mod normal in timpul vizualizarii.

  Separat tweak-ul permite ascunderea reclamelor vizibile in mod normal in aplicatie, permite ascultarea clipurilor video in background dupa inchiderea aplicatiei si multe, multe altele. StreamPlay are disponibil un meniu de setari in aplicatia Configurari a iDevice-urilor noastre pentru a permite activarea sau dezactivarea functionalitatii, astfel ca aveti control total asupra ei in orice conditii.

StreamPlay is an all-in-one extension for the YouTube app. StreamPlay enhances your youtube experience with features that allow you to make your YouTube session more about the content you want to stream. Features include:

  • High Quality Freeze streaming: Watch all your favorite videos in HQ regardless of WiFi or Cellular connectivity.
  • Ad Skipping: Never sit through a forced ad experience again. Skip right through any ad or watch it full length. It’s up to you.
  • Audio Stream: Press the home button: Keep playing your favorite videos in the background. Perfect for music playlists, music videos, tutorials, or podcasts. Never stop your video stream even after you’ve hit the home button!
  • Commercial-Free: Simply disable ads entirely! Get right to streaming.

StreamPlay is brought to you by alfaDesigns. While the download is free, please support development by purchasing a license from the main menu. All purchases will go towards further development of great tweaks such as this. Support individual developersand get Curtains – For WhatsApp, a paid tweak license absolutely free.

  StreamPlay este disponibila pentru descarcare la pretul de 2$ din repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia.