Warhammer: Arcane Magic – un joc “magic” pentru iPhone si iPad

Warhammer: Arcane MagicWarhammer: Arcane Magic este un joc lansat in cursul acestei zile in App Store pentru iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch, iar dupa cum ii spune si numele, titlul a fost creat pentru cei carora le plac jocurile cu si despre magie.

Desi numele ar putea sugerea acest lucru pentru anumite persoane, jocul Warhammer: Arcane Magic nu face parte din seria Warhammer 40.000 si nu are integrate personajele pe care le regasim in mod normal in respectiva serie de jocuri, astfel ca nu va asteptati la asa ceva.

Engage in epic battles and tactical gameplay that challenge both novice and veteran in Warhammer: Arcane Magic, a turn-based digital board game set in Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Assume the roles of famous Warhammer wizards — including Teclis, Balthasar Gelt, and Wurrzag. Use spell cards to fight legendary monsters (such as Harpies, Cygors, and Exalted Bloodthirsters) or mystically have them fight by your side! Win battles to progress through a deep single-player campaign, acquire spells, and take on even more menacing foes.

In Warhammer: Arcane Magic noi ne vom asuma rolul unor vrajitori puternici pe care trebuie sa ii controlam intr-o multitudine de batalii epice care ne vor pune la incercare spiritul strategic si capacitatea de a manui vrajile pe care acestia sunt capabil sa le faca pentru a castiga.

Pentru ca vorbim despre un card game, jocul ne ofera posibilitatea de a colectiona nu mai putin de 45 de carti magice cu diverse vraji pe care le putem face in timpul luptelor, acestea creand inclusiv animale puternice pe care le putem controla dupa bunul plac, deci per total avem parte de un gameplay extrem de atractiv.

  • Unlock up to 45 unique and powerful spell cards, including the ability to bind monsters and force them to fight by your side
  • Win battles and progress through campaigns to acquire spells
  • Lead a company of up to three wizards, using their individual powers to customize your strategy
  • Strengthen your strategy by purchasing new wizards from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world, including the famed Teclis, Balthasar Gelt and Wurrzag da Great Green Prophet.
  • Battle powerful monsters in two campaigns across 16 lands through the Old World and Chaos Wastelands
  • Use the surrounding environment to your tactical advantage by positioning yourself behind rocks, trees and monsters
  • Gain control of Arcane Fulcrums to acquire new spells and magnify your powers
  • Play for hours or minutes in several languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Experience stunning 3D art with full Retina support

Warhammer: Arcane Magic este disponibil pentru DESCARCARE in format universal din APp Store.