Camera+ update aduce multe functii noi


Camera+ este una dintre cele mai bune aplicatii pentru inregistrarea de poze folosind iDevice-uri, una dintre aplicatiile pe care le folosesc in mod regulat, dar si una dintre aplicatiile pe care le recomand fara restrictii oricaror persoane care fac multe poze.

Aplicatia Camera+ a fost actualizata astazi si pe langa multitudinea de optiuni pentru inregistrarea si editarea pozelor, dezvoltatorii sai au implementat cateva noutati care probabil vor convinge multa lume ca aplicatia merita intr-adevar cumparata.

Mai exact, acum aplicatia Camera+ are un declansator cu viteza mult mai mica, pana la 30 de secunde, el permitand inregistrarea unei singure scene cu multiple imagini, separat aplicatia avand ultra-low ISO pentru cei dornici sa se joace cu asemenea functii.

Mai mult decat atat, acum aplicatia Camera+ ofera posibilitatea de a importa poze din Photos, Google Photos si nu numai, ea avand optiunea de a importa poze multiple pentru editare rapida folosind tool-urile puse la dispozitie de catre ea.

Mai jos aveti intregul changelog pentru versiunea 8 a aplicatiei Camera+, iar daca sunteti interesati de ea, o puteti descarca din App Store.

What’s New in Version 8

Slow Shutter By far, the biggest addition to Camera+ 8 is an innovative slow shutter feature. When you’re shooting in the manual modes, you can now have effective shutter speeds as long as 30 seconds. So now you’ll be able to do things like take those kinds of amazing, misty, creamy waterfall photos that you see in magazines. And you’ll be able to do some creative night photography. It opens your iPhone photography up to so many new possibilities that are only limited to whatever your imagination can conjure up.

Ultra-low ISO Working hand-in-hand with the new extended range of shutter speeds is an extended range of effective ISO values. With this range, you’ll be able to get down to unbelievably low apparent ISO values to make it possible to take long exposure photos without having to resort to using things like ND filters to prevent your photos from blowing out. And throughout the extended shutter speed / ISO range, the preview you see in your viewfinder is a very good indicator of what you’ll be capturing as far as exposure goes, so there’s little to no guesswork when you’re doing long exposure photography… not even the most expensive DSLR cameras can make that claim.

Please note that these new slow shutter / low ISO features require a decent amount of processing mojo, so these features aren’t available on the various flavors of iPhone 5. We vaporized a 5c or two in early testing so we felt the need to disable it on those devices. With great power comes great responsibility… to not melt phones.

We’re really excited and very much looking forward to seeing what kinds of creative photography you’re able to achieve with these new extended shutter speed and ISO ranges in Camera+ 8!

New Import Options We’ve added a couple of import options to help you get your latest photos from your Photo Library and into your Lightbox. Now you can easily import the last photo you shot… and you can even import your whole last moment with just a couple of taps.

A new share thingy When you have a share sheet open in an app, those square, rounded-cornered, monochromatic icons in the bottom row are called Action Extensions. The nomenclature might leave a bit to be desired but it’s hard to debate the usefulness of these items. And on that note, we’ve added a Camera+ Action Extension so that you can now easily send photos to your Lightbox right from the share sheet of most apps. Be sure to peruse the Extensions section of the menu for the 411 on how to enable this nifty, useful new feature.

Notification Center Widget Import Option There’s a new option for the Notification Center Widget that enables you to quickly import photos from your Photo Library to your Lightbox. Check-out the Extensions section of the menu to square away how to do it.

Bug Fixes As always, with new features inevitably come new bugs. And with new releases, we always do our best to squarsch as many known bugs as we can. In this release, many of the lifeless arthropodæ can be found in the vicinity of the Apple Watch.

What’s New And finally, there’s a new “What’s New” section in the menu to make it easy for you to see, um… what’s new. You know… this thing that you’re actually reading right now. We would’ve inserted a screenshot here to show it, but the warranty on your iPhone doesn’t cover the damages that’d be caused by the black hole created by doing so.