iOS 10 beta 2 aduce foarte multe noutati

Ce aduce nou iOS 10 beta 2 ? Intrebarea are raspuns in lunga lista de schimbari pe care o puteti vedea in lista de mai jos, compania Apple facand o gama foarte diversificata de schimbari de care pot beneficia toti utilizatiri din lumea intreaga dupa instalarea acestei versiuni a sistemului de operare pentru iDevice-uri.

Dupa cum puteti vedea, o buna parte din ceea ce aduce nou iOS 10 beta 2 are legatura cu rezolvarea de probleme raportate de catre dezvoltatorii de aplicatii pentru platforma iOS, ele fiind prezente in numar foarte mare in aceasta versiune beta a sistemului de operare, dupa cum era de asteptat.

Pe partea de interfata, deocamdata nu au fost descoperite noutati pentru iOS 10 beta 2, insa actualizarea abia a fost lansata, asa ca va mai fi nevoie de ceva timp pentru ca ele sa fie prezentate pentru noi, asa ca intre timp ramaneti doar cu ceea ce puteti vedea in lista de mai jos.

Ce aduce nou iOS 10 beta 2 ?

Separat de lista de schimbari de mai jos, veti vedea in interfata iOS 10 beta 2 urmatoarele modificari :

  1. O iconita modificata pentru HomeKit in Control Center.
  2. Sectiunea Missed, a Notifications Center este acum numita Recent, Recente.
  3. Sectiunea Today a Notifications Center poate fi accesata si din ecranul principal de aplicatii.
  4. Control Center are noi iconite pentru Apple TV si AirPlay.
  5. Iconita aplicatiei Home din iOS 10 a fost modificata in aplicatia Settings, Configurari.
  6. Sectiunea Downloaded Music, Muzica descarcata, s enumeste acum Downloads, Descarcari.
  7. Aplicatia Maps, Harti, afiseaza acum o optiune pentru a afisa locatia in care ne-am parcat masina, dar si o explicatie pentru functie.
  8. Aplicatia Mesaje, Messages, permite descarcarea de imagini la calitate redusa.
  9. Aplicatia Muzica, Music, are afiseata optiune pentru a reda aleator melodiile.
  10. iOS 10 afiseaza o notificare in LockScreen cand doar deblocam terminalul.
  11. Aplicatia App Store functioneaza in mod Split View pe iPad Pro.
  12. Notificarile interactive functioneaza diferit pe terminalele fara 3D Touch.
  13. Accesarea Siri din ecranul principal de aplicatii afiseaza o noua animatie.
  14. Aplicatia Apple News poate fi stearsa.
  15. Sunetele pentru apasarea tastelor tastaturii virtuale au fost modificate la cel anterior lansarii iOS 10 beta 1.

Iata lista oficiala de schimbari oferita de Apple :

Functionality not in iOS 10 beta 2
• Faces in the Photos app do not sync across your devices.
• Functionality that requires adoption from App Store apps, such as iMessage apps, SiriKit, and
Maps extensions, will not be available until those apps are able to adopt and submit to the Store.
Fixed in this release
AdSupport framework
Vendor and advertising identifiers may change after upgrading to iOS 10 beta 1.
Attempting to mirror a device running iOS 10 to an Apple TV via AirPlay may fail.
Apple Pay
• Initiating an Apple Pay transaction in Safari on a Mac displays an empty payment sheet if Apple
Pay hasn’t been set up on your iPhone.
• Apple Pay payment sheet fields cannot be accessed if a payment request fails due to a server
connection or a TouchID/passcode error.
• The shipping method displays as <?> with garbage data if the shipping method is set to None
and the shipping address is required.
Apple Pencil
When drawing in from the edge of iPad with Apple Pencil, reported tilt and azimuth angles may
occasionally have large errors. In these cases, the angles are always reported as estimated.
AppleID Login
Some accounts with two-factor authentication enabled may not be able to log in using a verification
code sent to another device.
AVFoundation Capture
• Capture of raw images occasionally fails on iPhone SE.
• Live Photo movies are not delivered when capturing with AVCapturePhotoOutput.
• Users may not be able to restore from iCloud backups created on iOS 8 and earlier. Users will be
presented with a dialog box displaying the error “Cannot Restore Backup.”
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• When restoring from an iCloud backup, some accounts may take a few minutes to display the list
of backups.
CFNetwork HTTPProtocol
Apps that use UIWebView and also implement NSURLProtocol subclasses that block threads, will
experience NSURLSession and NSURLConenction load delays.
CFNetwork Session
You may see an issue where checking for a software update in tvOS results in the error “The update was
not successful.” If a second attempt is unsuccessful, please file a bug indicating the time of the issue and
your local network setup.
Additionally, NSURLSession background transfers that use HTTP/2 or SPDY may cause inefficient use of
TCP connections, such that subsequent requests (which may use HTTP/1.1) could be delayed up to one
minute per TCP connection before they can start. System services may also be similarly impacted.
Saving a child record with its parent property set to nil can sometimes fail.
After creating a new contact, tapping Cancel does not exit the contact card.
Exchange Account Setup
Adding an Exchange account either manually or via configuration profile may fail, resulting in a state
where the account is visible in Settings, but data does not sync.
Once removed, FaceTime cannot be restored on iPad or iPod touch.
Guided Access
You cannot exit Guided Access after enabling it while using an app.
HomeKit may be unable to synchronize and an “Enable Keychain” dialog is displayed even though iCloud
Keychain is already enabled.
If you select an unpurchased book when viewing a series on your bookshelf and then attempt to
download the sample from the product page, iBooks will crash.
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• Some embedded images in the Twitter app appear low-resolution.
• Saving optimized images using kCGImageDestinationOptimizeColorForSharing
is not available in iOS 10 beta 1.
• In Spotlight, when typing in Chinese or Japanese with hardware keyboards, the candidate bar is
not in a fixed position.
• Text replacements created on iOS 10 beta 1 might be lost after updating to subsequent iOS 10
Lock Screen
• Scrolling horizontally on the lock screen may be difficult or not work (touch input can be blocked
by lock screen elements such as Music controls and album art).
• Sliding up on the Continuity icon (bottom left corner) does not work.
• When Messages extensions are in edit mode, it can take multiple attempts to delete by tapping
on the “X.”
• Occasionally, when third party Messages extensions insert a message bubble, the bubble appears
• Tapping on a sticker while a sticker pack app is in expanded view does not stage the sticker.
• Stickers peeled off and dropped back in the browser disappear.
• Calling dismiss on an expanded MSMessagesAppViewController changes the presentation
style to .compact instead of dismissing the controller. Calling dismiss when the controller is
already in compact mode dismisses the controller.
• When inspecting an incoming third party message, the senderParticipantIdentifier
property of selectedMessage is nil.
iOS 10 introduces an all-new design for Apple Music that brings greater clarity and simplicity to every
aspect of the experience.
Features added in iOS 10 beta 2:
• In Library, you can now view and manage a list of all active downloads.
• Posts from artists you follow now appear under Connect Posts within For You.
• You can now sign in to Apple Music on Sonos.
• Music videos can now be played fullscreen.
• Related music suggestions now appear in album pages.
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Fixed issues in iOS 10 beta 2:
• After joining Apple Music for the first time, you may need to force quit Music to reflect your new
• Changing Dynamic Type in Settings does not adjust reading size consistently in Music.
• You can skip to the next or previous track; however, to rewind or fast forward within a song, you
must move the play position in the progress bar.
• Radio tab appears in all countries, including countries where it is not available.
• Tapping on the name in an album or playlist does not yet take you to the artist or curator page.
• When editing a playlist, there is not yet a way to choose new songs to add. To add a song, find the
song in Apple Music long press, 3D touch, or use the More Options menu and tap “Add to Playlist.”
• On iPad, playlists do not yet include an edit feature.
• On iPad, Music app will unexpectedly lose its place when playing from the Artists menu.
• Turning off Show Apple Music in Music Settings does not yet hide Apple Music.
• Audio messages cannot be played from the notification banner or actions in notification lists.
Workaround: Launch the Messages app or 3D Touch on the notification to listen to the audio
• Raise to listen/speak does not work for audio messages.
• If a notification provides multiple actions including a text input action, tapping on the text input
action when the keyboard is visible has no effect.
• If the notification content extension implements a custom inputAccessoryView, text input
actions are not delivered when the user taps on the button for that action.
• Occasionally, playing a Memory movie can cause the Photos app to crash.
• Explicitly call -[PHLivePhotoView stopPlayback] to reset live photo playback.
• Attempting to add a paired RAW (DNG) + JPG asset to PhotoLibrary using a
PHAssetCreationRequest fails.
• On devices supporting 3D Touch, using the Hide action via 3D touch > Hide This Person causes
the Photos app to crash. (When you re-launch Photos, the hide action will have completed
Quick Reply
When using legacy Quick Reply, the lock screen idle timer may expire.
Content Blockers may stop working after upgrading to iOS 10 beta 1.
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Shared iPad
• An iPad configured as a student device for use with Classroom will not appear as connected in
Classroom app.
• Messages and FaceTime sign-in do not work on Shared iPad.
• OTA updates on Shared iPad may fail to complete.
• iCloud Drive data may not finish syncing after signing out. To avoid data loss, ensure that all apps
have uploaded their data before signing out.
• Siri Sports queries are not supported in Dutch, Norwegian, or Swedish.
• When reading messages, Siri does not accurately describe new message types or features.
• Pressing and holding the Home button does not engage Siri.
• Using Siri to request information from Contacts may result in a crash to the Home screen.
• Siri may not be able to set a new timer duration when the Countdown Timer is already running or
• INPaymentMethod is not valid and will be removed from INRequestPaymentIntent and
• resolutionResultUnsupportedWithReason:alternatives: is not currently supported.
• IntentsRestrictedWhenLocked is not currently enforced.
• The Workout domain is currently available only in English.
• Arabic, Hebrew, Finnish, and Malay currently support only the Ride booking and Payments
• Tapping a result or Search in App button in Spotlight on the lock screen does not unlock the
device and launch the corresponding app, even when authenticated.
• Removed system apps may be visible when performing Spotlight queries.
Swift Playgrounds
Swift Playgrounds is a brand new app designed to help people learn to code with Swift 3. It offers
downloadable content, including Learn to Code Part 1—which teaches the fundamentals of coding in
Swift—and additional challenges you can explore. You can also experiment on your own by creating
playgrounds based on the templates, create a blank playground, or open playgrounds created in Xcode.
Swift Playgrounds is included with iOS 10 beta 2.
Swift Playgrounds beta 2 contains Learn to Code Part 1. Learn to Code Part 2 is coming in later releases.
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Connect to Wi-Fi to download the Learn to Code and Challenge content. Cellular downloads are
not supported.
Fixed in iOS 10 beta 2:
• Storing documents in iCloud is now supported in Swift Playgrounds.
• Links and references to symbol names are now rendered in QuickHelp content.
• The jump() command now works properly in the Parameters Placing Two Characters exercise in
Learn to Code Part 1.
• The following exercises are now solvable in Learn to Code Part 1:
• Checking for Equal Values (Variables chapter)
• Round Up the Switches (Variables chapter)
• Collect the Total (Variables chapter)
• Random Gems Everywhere (Types chapter)
• Twin Peaks (Parameters chapter)
• Build a Loop (World Building chapter)
Watch App
For an Apple Watch running watchOS 2.x or earlier paired to an iPhone running iOS 10 beta 1, you will
not be able to manage Friends from within the Watch app, because the settings option for it is not
Legacy widgets may be cut off.
Notes and Known Issues
Devices may panic when using iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case.
App Store
• While testing In-App Purchases in the sandbox, the first authentication dialog may appear twice.
Workaround: Fill each of the authentication dialogs.
• While testing an In-App Purchase in the sandbox with hosted content, the password dialog
appears every time the app is brought to the foreground while the download is still in progress.
Apple Pay
When adding a new payment card to Apple Pay, an incorrect expiration date or security code (CVV)
entry will terminate the card provisioning process.
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Workaround: Make sure to enter the correct expiration date and security code before choosing “Next”
while adding your card.
Apple Pencil
Pairing a new Apple Pencil may not work on the Home or Lock screen.
Workaround: Navigate to Bluetooth > Settings before plugging in Apple Pencil.
Apple TV
When setting up an Apple TV using Tap to Setup on an iOS device, you may not be able to proceed
beyond the Network Connected screen.
Workaround: Tap the Menu button to go back, then proceed forward through the setup process again.
Binary Compatibility
• Apple reserves two-letter prefixes for use in framework classes. When naming your own classes,
please use a three-letter prefix. The guidelines can be reviewed here:
Failure to follow these guidelines could result in your app crashing during beta software releases.
• Upon recompiling with iOS 10.0, calling [NSObject valueForKey:] with a nil key throws an
exception. Previously, this led to undefined behavior; now, it causes your app to crash.
• Referencing a system font by name in a call to +[UIFont fontWithName:size:] causes a
crash. For more information, see
• To improve customer privacy, https:// URLs, NSURLSession, and NSURLConnection no
longer support RC4 cipher suites during the TLS handshake. Affected apps and services should
upgrade web servers to use more modern cipher suites.
• Apps may hang if they change a superview’s geometry in viewWillLayoutSubviews or
• NSURLConnection disallows connections that use TLS protocol versions lower than the protocol
version specified by an ATS policy via the NSExceptionMinimumTLSVersion or
NSThirdPartyExceptionMinimumTLSVersion keys. Affected apps and services should
upgrade web servers to use more modern TLS protocol versions.
• Third party apps may not be able to play back Music if the Music app has been removed.
Workaround: Restore the Music app from the App Store.
• On iPad only, if you’re not logged into iCloud, you may experience hangs creating new documents
in Pages.
Workaround: Restart iPad.
Some customers using Bluetooth Low Energy-based hearing aids with an iPhone that is also connected
to an Apple Watch may hear occasional audio dropouts or skips.
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• You may experience disconnects while connected to CarPlay.
• On some head units, the Now Playing list may show as empty.
• You may encounter difficulty triggering Siri via steering wheel controls.
CFNetwork HTTPProtocol
The NSMutableURLRequest class requires that the HTTPBodyStream property be an unopened
stream, and the NSURLConnection and NSURLSession classes now strictly enforce this unopened
stream requirement. Affected apps should ensure that any NSInputStream that is provided has not yet
been opened.
Long-lived operations return the error, “You don’t have permission to save the file.”
CoreImage includes a new version of the CIImageProcessor API that supports arbitrary counts of
input images. The initial version of the CIImageProcessor API from iOS 10 beta 1 will be removed.
On a newly set up device, Exchange accounts set up via setup assistant may not sync until the device is
Adding WAC HomeKit accessories might fail using the Home app if the network credentials are not first
provided using the Settings > Wi-Fi > Set Up New Device option.
Workaround: If adding such a HomeKit accessory fails, provide the network credentials using Settings >
Wi-Fi > Set Up New Device. After the accessory has joined the network, the accessory can be added
using the Home app.
If you are unable to show or listen to a purchased audiobook in your iBooks library after deleting it from
a custom collection, force quit and relaunch iBooks or sync with iTunes.
Occasionally, the keyboard may not appear in Settings during Two-Factor Authentication.
Workaround: Reboot device.
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Libdispatch asserts if there is a hang detected due to a deadlock in dispatch_barrier_sync.
Lock Screen
• Scrolling horizontally on the lock screen may be difficult or not work (touch input can be blocked
by lock screen elements such as Music controls and album art).
Workaround: Scroll in an empty region of the lock screen.
• Sliding up on the Continuity icon (bottom left corner) does not work.
Workaround: Slide from outside of the Continuity icon, on the right side.
• If “Chinese” is selected in Settings > Calendars > Alternate Calendars, the Chinese lunar calendar
will display on the lock screen in mixed numerals.
• When UISearchController and UITableViewController are used in Messages extensions,
their content can be hidden below the top bar.
Workaround: Use insets of around 80px on top and 40px on the bottom.
• When a third party message bubble is selected with the extension in the foreground,
willSelectMessage:conversation: and didSelectMessage:conversation: are not
• #images is shown in Messages for unsupported locales and fails to load.
• In Simulator only, when localizedChangeDescription in the insertMessage:
localizedChangeDescription:completionHandler: method is set to
$localParticipantIdentifier.UUIDString, the
$localParticipantIdentifier.UUIDString is not replaced with the user’s Messages ID,
and the UUIDString is printed as-is.
• When the Messages app in Simulator is force quit, message history is lost.
• When a UIAlertController object is presented in a Messages extension, it is truncated by the
bottom bar of the extension.
• Accessibility labels set to third party messages are not spoken when VoiceOver is enabled.
• When trying to debug a Messages Extension, wait until the Xcode debug navigator shows
“waiting to attach” before launching your extension.
• If a sign-in dialog is displayed while performing an in-app purchase or attempting to buy content
from the store, or the store or the extension will be dismissed.
• Search hints in iOS 10 beta 2 continue to show hints from the iTunes Store, but returned search
results are for the Messages Store.
• For devices running in RTL configurations, the photo browser in Messages shows a gray box until
users swipe to the right within the browser.
• When an extension transitions from Expanded Presentation Style to Compact, it might have an
additional offset on the top in the Compact Presentation view.
• Tapping and holding on a sticker does not initiate the Peeling animation.
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• In some circumstances, Messages extensions download and install but require going into the
Manage tab to enable the extension.
Mobile Device Management
Starting in iOS 10, SCEP payloads no longer default to MD5 if a SCEP server fails to return a CACaps or
does not claim capability for SHA-1, SHA-256, or SHA-512 in CACaps.
If a SCEP server does not respond to GetCACaps, SHA-1 will be assumed and used for the SCEP attempt.
If the SCEP servers respond to GetCACaps, the server needs to note they have SHA-1, SHA-256, or
SHA-512 capability or the SCEP enrollment request is failed due to insufficient capabilities.
See the WWDC 2016 session What’s New in Managing Apple Devices for more information.
Notes about Apple Music in iOS 10 beta 2:
• Apple Music members in China may need to force quit Music to view the app after updating to
iOS 10 beta 2.
• Recently Played in For You may not refresh instantly.
• Tapping on the name in Now Playing does not yet take you to the album page.
• Music app does not yet remember where you were or what was playing if the app was force quit.
• MPMediaPickerController may not display as expected.
• Deleting Apple Music may prevent certain accessories from playing audiobooks, podcasts, and
more. Download Apple Music from the App Store to restore playback.
• The today widget for music may not show all recently played music.
When connected to a car, certain features may not work as expected:
• The current song may not update while listening to Apple Music radio stations.
• Editing Up Next may unexpectedly disrupt playback.
• While using CarPlay, View All Stations does not yet display all stations.
Certain Apple Music features will become available in a future beta:
• For You Mixes
• Viewing Connect posts on an artist’s or curator’s page
• Follow and unfollow option on an artist or curator’s page
• Report a concern on Connect posts or comments
• Delete a comment you made on Connect posts
• Account page to view all artists you follow
• Setting to turn on or turn off the Automatically Follow Artists preference
• Show Complete Album for Library items
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• Display of works and movements for classical music
• Popularity indicators for albums
Adding an attachment, deleting, or moving notes may cause Notes to quit unexpectedly.
Notification content extension view controllers are not being released, so extensions may crash during
development when memory limits are reached for extensions.
An NSUserActivity object may not have any userInfo after handoff.
Workaround: Explicitly call becomeCurrent on the activity object.
Some devices may experience performance issues, such as hangs and frame drops.
• When dialing the SIM-less emergency number 08, the Phone app UI does not display the calling
screen even when a successful connection is made.
• When ending a 911 call, the UI displays a Call Failed screen.
• After enabling or disabling Call Forwarding or Call Waiting, the UI preference may not retain its
current state after exiting the Settings screen; however, the selected option remains in effect.
• When iPhone is on CS/VoLTE, relay calls answered on alternate devices do not have DL audio and
the call may drop after 30 seconds.
• After resetting device settings using Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings, carrier and
network settings are removed and the device does not display a Carrier bundle version in Settings
> General > About nor connect to LTE networks.
Workaround: Restart the device after performing Reset All Settings.
• When attempting to hand off a relay call from Apple Watch to iPhone while on the lock screen,
your call may be dropped.
Workaround: Unlock iPhone, then tap the green status bar to complete the handoff to iPhone.
• People syncing is not enabled via iCloud Photo Library in iOS 10 beta 1 or 2.
• Memories, Related, People, and Scene are not supported on 32-bit devices.
• Thumbnails of screenshots taken on 9.7-inch iPad Pro will display with inverted colors.
Screenshots sent to other devices also display thumbnails with inverted colors.
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• Memories movies viewed with iOS 10 beta 1 may include different photos and videos when
viewed again with iOS 10 beta 2.
After a user logs into their iTunes account, they are no longer able to reset their Advertising Identifier.
WebGeolocation now requires a secure (HTTPS) website to work on both iOS and macOS to prevent
malicious use of location data.
Tapping the Safari button in an SFSafariViewController object now shows a breadcrumb back to
the host app.
• Siri may not provide the desired response when a request requires a removed app.
• Occasionally, there will be no voice over for a Siri response if Siri Voice is set to Australian English.
Workaround: Change Siri Voice to British or US English.
• Audio playback may occasionally pause and can be resumed manually in the affected app.
Additionally, navigation in Maps may play back alert tones instead of voice output. Invoking and
dismissing Siri should allow voice output to resume.
• INPaymentMethod is not valid and will be removed from INRequestPaymentIntent and
• The identifier property on INIntent may not change between Siri requests.
• INInteraction objects provided to Intents UI extensions do not have the INIntentResponse
and INIntentHandlingStatus properties populated.
• needsMoreDetails(for:) resolution result does not currently work.
• SiriKit app extensions are not asked to handle an intent unless the extension implements the
method for confirming the intent and returns a “Ready” response code.
Swift Playgrounds
• Playgrounds that are not stored in iCloud are not available after upgrading to the production
version of Swift Playgrounds. To keep your playgrounds, either turn on iCloud or AirDrop your
playgrounds to your Mac before moving to the GM Swift Playgrounds app.
• Swift Playgrounds beta 2 uses Swift 3 (swiftlang-800.0.30). Code written using other versions
of Swift may not work in Swift Playgrounds beta.
• Playgrounds created with Swift Playgrounds beta 1 may not execute correctly in Swift
Playgrounds beta 2. Similarly, playgrounds made available for Swift Playgrounds beta 2 may not
execute correctly when run on Swift Playgrounds beta 1.
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• Swift Playgrounds on iPad does not keep track of whether you’ve expanded an inline Quick Look
for values in the editor. For example, if you edit a Swift 3 playground that had an expanded Quick
Look, Quick Looks are collapsed when you save.
• File literals are not supported.
• AVFoundation is available, but input capture returns nothing.
For example, AVCapturePreviewLayer is always a blank transparent layer.
• GameController framework is available and appears to successfully connect to controllers, but
button handler blocks are never called.
• Prior to iOS 10, it was possible to override [UIStackView initWithArrangedSubviews:],
but this was intended as a convenience initializer and implemented as such. We have now
enforced this in the headers. As a result, Swift clients can no longer override this method, because
Swift initializer rules prevent the override of a convenience initializer.
• In iOS 10, UIKit has updated and unified background management for UINavigationBar,
UITabBar, and UIToolbar. In particular, changes to background properties of these views (such
as background or shadow images, or setting the bar style) may kick off a layout pass for the bar to
resolve the new background appearance.
In particular, this means that attempts to change the background appearance of these bars inside
of -[UIView layoutSubviews], -[UIView updateConstraints], -[UIViewController
willLayoutSubviews], -[UIViewController didLayoutSubviews], –
[UIViewController updateViewConstraints], or any other method that is called in
response to layout may result in a layout loop.
In some cases you can break these layout loops by ensuring that you always use the same object
instance when objects (such as UIImage or UIColor) are required. But in general you should
avoid doing this.
Because all appearance parameters are now resolved at one time, there may be some cases where
your bar’s appearance has changed. In general, best results are obtained by specifying as little as
possible for customizing your bar. For example, if you are specifying a barTintColor value and
specifying an empty UIImage object for the backgroundImage property (as is the case when
you call [UIImage new], for example) then you should get better results by specifying only the
barTintColor. Any changes you make to resolve these issues in iOS 10 should also work
correctly in iOS 9—if this is not the case, please report bugs with a sample project and a
screenshot indicating what the bars should look like.
• In iOS 10, there is a slight UIGestureRecognizer behavior change when removing a currently
recognizing (that is, midflight) gesture recognizer from its UIView. Previously, removing the
gesture recognizer midflight would not explicitly cancel the gesture recognizer, allowing you to
re-add the gesture recognizer back to the same view or to a different view. In iOS 10, calling –
[UIView removeGestureRecognizer:] on the view of a midflight gesture recognizer
explicitly cancels the gesture recognizer. If a user desires to change the view of a midflight gesture
recognizer, you can simply call -[UIView addGestureRecognizer:] on the view you wish to
move the gesture recognizer to.
• Presented view controllers can now affect the status bar appearance even if they were presented
from a view controller that did not affect the status bar (for example, a popover). By default,
custom view controller presentations are assumed to not affect the status bar; use the
 Copyright © 2016 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Page 16 of 19
modalPresentationCapturesStatusBarAppearance property on UIViewController to
allow a presented view controller to participate in status bar appearance.
• It has always been a requirement that UIViewController subclasses call super’s
implementation of -awakeFromNib from their own overrides. Starting in iOS 10, –
awakeFromNib is correctly annotated with the NS_REQUIRES_SUPER attribute to detect
implementations that fail to obey this requirement. To fix this warning, ensure that all code paths
of your override call [super awakeFromNib].
• When running on iPad, the background color set for a UITableViewCell in a Storyboard is now
• Starting in iOS 10, UITableViewHeaderFooterView supports NSCoding so if a view with this
class is in a XIB, it now decodes correctly. The consequence is that apps may exhibit some extra
content for these views which did not appear before due to the bug that was fixed.
• For very wide table views where cell layout margins have been automatically increased to follow
the readable width, separator insets are now interpreted relative to these left and right margins
instead of from the edges of the table view.
• The coalescing of UITouch delivery has been significantly improved, especially in cases where
users would both touch the screen and use Apple Pencil at the same time on iPad Pro and the
app wasn’t able to process them at the incoming rate. In certain scenarios, events still can come in
at a higher rate than the display refreshes. This is expected, and your app should anticipate this
and handle accordingly.
• In iOS 10, windows that are not full screen do not affect status bar appearance.
• Sending -layoutIfNeeded to a view is not expected to move the view, but in earlier releases, if
the view had translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints == false, and if it was
being positioned by constraints, -layoutIfNeeded would move the view to match the layout
engine before sending layout to the subtree.
These changes correct this behavior, and the receiver’s position and usually its size won’t be
affected by -layoutIfNeeded.
Some existing code may be relying on this incorrect behavior that is now corrected. There is no
behavior change for binaries linked before iOS 10, but when building on iOS 10 you may need to
correct some situations by sending -layoutIfNeeded to a superview of the
translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints == false view that was the previous
receiver, or else positioning and sizing it before (or after, depending on your desired behavior) –
• Third party apps with custom UIView subclasses using Auto Layout that override
layoutSubviews and dirty layout on self before calling super are at risk of triggering a layout
feedback loop when they rebuild on iOS 10. When they are correctly sent subsequent –
layoutSubviews calls they must be sure to stop dirtying layout on self at some point (note that
this call was skipped in release prior to iOS 10).
• Flippable images work by having two images in an asset, each with a different directionality trait.
When you create a derived UIImage object using the -imageWith… methods, it is no longer
associated with the image asset it came from. To create a flippable template image at runtime, use
• The source of the UIContentSizeCategoryDidChangeNotification notification is now
UIScreen.main() instead of UIApplication.shared().
• There are two properties in the UIViewPropertyAnimator class and one method in the
UIViewAnimating protocol that are unavailable in iOS 10 beta 1.
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@property(nonatomic, getter=isManualHitTestingEnabled) BOOL
@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSTimeInterval delay;
Known issues
• When running in the iPad Pro (9.7 inch) Simulator, the trait collection of UIScreen.mainScreen
has a displayGamut of sRGB instead of P3, and image assets with wide-gamut content are
missing. This affects image assets with images in the P3 slot as well as images with just an Any slot
that contains wide-gamut content. These issues do not affect apps running on device.
• 3D Touch haptics do not play unless Keyboard Clicks are turned on in Settings > Sounds.
• A UIPreviewActionItem object created with UIPreviewActionStyleSelected do not
appear with the selected style.
• The didReceiveLocalNotification: and didReceiveRemoteNotification methods are
not called for default action if the app is already running.
• When UITextField.adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth is set to true, UITextField now scales
different fonts inside an attributed string set in attributedText instead of scaling the font and
applying it to the whole string. This means font information is no longer lost when auto-scaling.
• The -[UIImage imageWithHorizontallyFlippedOrientation] method is missing from
the UIImage interface in iOS 10 beta 1.
• Flippable or direction-specific images assigned to a UIButton object’s image do not flip.
Workaround: For images in asset catalogs, set the image asset’s Render As setting to Original
Image. For images created in code, set the image’s renderingMode property
to .AlwaysOriginal before adding it to the UIImageAsset.
• Defaults to NO. Set if you need to manage the hit testing of animating view hierarchies
@property(nonatomic, getter=isManualHitTestingEnabled) BOOL
• In iOS 10, the pasteboard can only be accessed from the main thread. This can cause some apps to
crash if they assume they won’t get nil back on pasteboard access outside the main thread. This
is expected to be resolved in a future beta of iOS 10.
• The changeCount does not update for pasteboardWithName and
• In iOS 10, when you set the borderStyle property on a UITextField object to .none,
clipsToBounds is also set to false, to accommodate text with extended diacritics such as
Hindi and Arabic.
If you need your text field to clip and use no border style, set clipsToBounds to true after
setting borderStyle.
Setting any of the other border styles does not affect the value of clipsToBounds.
Passes in Wallet may display graphical artifacts.
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• The first time you debug a widget (that is, a Today extension) on a device, it does not show as a
possible extension.
Workaround: Debug again for the extension to show up.
• Widgets do not work in the Simulator on subsequent installs.
Workaround: Erase Content & Settings between installs.
• Setting the DYLD_PRINT_STATISTICS environment variable in Xcode does not work for iOS
devices in iOS 10 beta 1.
• On the first launch after a device settings erase, the hardware keyboard appears to be toggled
and the menu state does not appear to be correct.
Workaround: Select and then deselect the hardware keyboard menu.
• If there is a space in the name of the Xcode app or any ancestor folder, the Simulator fails to
launch and asset catalogs fail to compile.
Workaround: Avoid using spaces in Xcode app names. Additionally, Xcode should reside in a path
with no spaces.
• If a StickerSequence is added to a sticker pack and left blank, or if frames of different sizes are
added, the sticker pack app is blank when deployed.
Workaround: Add sticker frames of the same size.
• If a messages extension in Swift is re-deployed, the code changes are not reflected and a debug
session is not established.
Workaround: Delete extensions on the device before each re-deploy.
• Date pickers created in Storyboards may not lay out properly.
• Occasionally, using Command-Shift-HH from the Home screen does not invoke the app switcher.
Workaround: Launch any app before using Command-Shift-HH.