Prima Pagina Apple Watch Apple Watch 3 – Primele Review-uri (VIDEO)

Apple Watch 3 – Primele Review-uri (VIDEO)

Apple Watch 3 apare in primele review-uri care spun o poveste diferentiata cu privire la utilitatea noului smartwatch, dar si a conectivitatii 4G LTE.

Apple Watch 3 are primele review-uri publicate astazi de catre cei care au avut ocazia de a testa noul ceas inteligent al celor de la Apple si ele sunt contradictorii. Unii dintre cei care au testat Apple Watch 3 sustin ca noul ceas inteligent ofera o autonomie buna si o utilitate pe masura multumita conectivitatii 4G LTE, in timp ce altii vin cu pareri complet contrare si prezinta o situatie cu mult diferita pentru noul smartwatch.

Apple Watch 3 poate fi precomandat in Romania de maine prin aceasta pagina, insa pana atunci unii spun ca noua conectivitate 4G LTE este inutila, dar in Romania nu vor fi vandute modele cu asa ceva. Mai mult decat atat, se pare ca nici autonomia bateriei nu ar fi grozava la Apple Watch 3, dar vorbim si aici despre pareri facute pentru ceas cu 4G LTE activ in mod constant, deci versiunea Wi-Fi Only ar trebui sa ofere o autonomie mai buna.

Apple Watch 3 este deasemenea criticat pentru faptul ca se conecteaza singur la retele Wi-Fi necunoscute in loc sa stea conectat la 4G, problema pe care Apple o investigheaza. Apple Watch 3 este totusi laudat pentru noile functii de monitorizare a ritmului cardiac, unii spunand ca acesta ar fi si primul ceas pe care il pot recomanda fara rezerve prietenilor inteesati sa cumpere un ceas inteligent in perioada urmatoare.

Apple Watch 3 – primele review-uri care critica 4G LTEsi autonomia

Apple Watch 3 este totusi foarte laudat pentru performantele foarte bune pe care le ofera in comparatie cu Seria 1 si Seria 2, compania Apple promitand o crestere de 70% pentru ele. Apple Watch 3 pare sa fie un upgrade cu risc fata de modelele anterioare, pentru ca deocamdata conetivitatea 4G LTE nu pare sa fie chiar atat de functionala, dar din moment ce ea nu este oferita in Romania, nu prea trebuie sa va faceti griji

The Verge

“You can’t rest easy with the Apple Watch 3 yet, because that seamlessness, that so-called magic, isn’t there. The stutters during the handoff from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi to LTE shouldn’t happen. The music streaming? It isn’t there yet. A built-in podcast streaming option? Also not there. A reliable Siri? Nope, not in my experience.”


“All nice functionality to have on the go, but in the days I’ve been wearing the watch, I’ve been straining to come up with many scenarios in my own life outside of running where untethering myself from my phone is necessary — or even particularly useful.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Most worryingly, my colleague Geoffrey Fowler and I experienced cellular connectivity issues on three separate pre-production models, in two different states, on two different 4G LTE carriers. On the AT&T-connected models, the cellular connection dropped, calls were often choppy and Siri sometimes failed to connect. On the one that ran on T-Mobile, I experienced several dropped connections.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

“Battery life on the Series 3 is excellent. The Watch cleverly defaults to the most efficient connection available; when nearby your phone it’ll use bluetooth, move away from the phone and it’ll switch to any available known Wi-Fi networks, disconnect from those and LTE will take over. In my usual day, that meant by the time my Watch was back on a charger at night, it still had around 70 per cent battery left.”

Daring Fireball

“Audio quality for phone calls on the watch is very good. People I called via the watch said I sounded great, and I could hear them loud and clear. And all of my testing of phone calls on the watch took place mid-day on busy city streets — full of traffic and pedestrians — here in Philadelphia. People won’t know you’re calling them from your watch if you don’t tell them.”

The New York Times

“Although I think most people can skip buying the cellular model, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the first smart watch I can confidently recommend that people buy. While I don’t personally find it attractive enough to replace my wristwatch, the new Apple Watch is a well-designed, durable and easy-to-use fitness tracker for people who want analytics on their workouts and general health (R.I.P., Fitbit).”


“It’s the arrival of the latest model, Series 3, that suddenly makes the Apple Watch a real contender, I’d say […] It means, at last, that you can use your Watch to make calls, send texts, get directions in Maps, talk to Siri even if your iPhone is nowhere nearby […] I found making calls was easy and that call quality was much better than I’d experienced on previous Watches where you are dependent on the strength of wireless connection between iPhone and Watch as well as iPhone signal strength […]

Furthermore, for now at least, the Apple Watch only works in the country you bought it in, there’s no roaming possible. This looks like it’s a technical issue – it’s certainly not something the carriers have introduced. And as such it may change in time. For now, though, don’t buy and Apple Watch overseas, even if it’s cheaper, unless you plan to use it there.”

The Independent

“The LTE connectivity has changed the functions of the Watch hugely. Now, you can go running with your Watch, without your iPhone weighing you down, and when you’re done, make a phone call to hail a ride to get home. You can send a text, command Siri, navigate using Maps and more, all without your iPhone […]

Call quality has been consistently good – better than making calls before which relied on the strength of the connection to the iPhone nearby. There’s also the simple interface and the freedom of having my hands free which has made this a very good experience, even when I’ve felt self-conscious […] The processor this time is lightning-fast. Apple claims a 70 per cent speed uptick compared to last year’s processor. Whatever the figures, this is a fast, responsive gadget […] If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy one, the addition of cellular connectivity means this may be the right moment.”

The Loop

“I had the watch about chest high when I was speaking, but he said he could hear me “clear as day.” I could also hear him clearly from the Apple Watch speaker. In the past week, I’ve gone out multiple times without my iPhone and still received messages, emails, and phone calls. I was still in touch with people, but I felt a little free not having my iPhone with me […]

I was disappointed that I couldn’t try out Apple Music streaming on my Apple Watch—it will be available in about a month with a software update. However, Apple intelligently adds a couple of your most listened to playlists to the watch so you always have some music with you, even if you leave your iPhone at home. I use this a lot. You can choose different playlists if you want using the watch app on your iPhone.”


The Apple Watch Series 3 can perform many of the same skills as your iPhone, including email, messaging, phone calls, maps and directions, smart home control, health and fitness tracking, weather, Find My Friends, gaming, access Siri, and much more […]

Realistically, I can only stare at that tiny screen for so long. That’s the main reason the Apple Watch Series 3 will never fully replace a phone, but with built-in LTE, it can do more on its own. Now Apple and app developers need to finish the vision.”

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