iPhone X – Noi UNBOXING-uiri si Impresii Trunchiate

iPhone X are parte de noi unboxing-uri si impresii trunchiate de la persoanele care au primit telefoanele companiei Apple pentru a le testa inaintea lansarii.


iPhone X are parte de o lansare desconsiderata din multe puncte de vedere de catre compania Apple, iar asta din cauza faptului ca jurnalistii n-au avut timp sa foloseasca unitatile. Oamenii care in trecut foloseau noile modele ale iPhone timp de cateva zile bune inainte sa faca review-uri pentru ele, au avut acum ocazia sa foloseasca iPhone X pentru maxim o zi, sau mai putin, inainte sa-si spuna primele impresii.

iPhone X a fost testat de jurnalistii din SUA asa cum se testeaza telefoanele si in Romania cand are loc o lansare, o singura zi pentru testere nefiind suficienta pentru a oferi o impresie valida despre un produs. Companiei Apple nu prea pare sa-i pese si a pus mai mult accent pe cantitate decat pe calitate, astfel ca marii jurnalisti americani au trebuit sa imparta unitatile iPhone X cu diversi youtuberi necunoscuti.

iPhone X a fost, in acest mod, testat de catre foarte multa lume si avem foarte multe impresii despre el, insa ele sunt atat de diversificate incat cu greu iti poti face o parere clara despre telefon. Toata lumea a folosit foarte putin iPhone X inainte de a isi oferi impresiile despre telefon, astfel ca nicio parere nu poate fi considerata a fi valida, asa cum se intampla si cu review-urile din Romania dupa lansarea unui produs nou.

iPhone X – Noi UNBOXING-uiri si impresii trunchiate

iPhone X are parte de atat de multe unboxing-uri in anul 2017 incat te intrebi daca nu cumva am revenit cu 10 ani in urma cand lumea nu stia ce se ascunde in cutia unui telefon. Unboxing-urile, sau scoaterea din cutie, pentru cei care primesc telefoanele de test in Romania, ne arata ca da, iPhone X este in cutie, vine cu un cablu, un incarcator, casti, un adaptor, o cheita SIM si multe hartii de care vei uita.

iPhone X a primit foarte multe laude pentru ecranul de diagonala mare care impresioneaza chiar de la prima interactiune, nu doar prim dimensiuni, ci si prin calitatea culorilor afisate. Face ID nu a impresionat pe chiar toata lumea, dar oare ce impresie iti poti face cand ai telefonul disponibil doar pentru 17 ore ? Niciuna completa, iar acelasi lucru poate fi spus si despre camerele noului telefon Apple.

iPhone X este un telefon atat de important pentru Apple si este tratat cu atat de multa superficialitate incat ne arata ca in Cupertino cuiva ii este frica de faptul ca telefonul nu va avea succes. Apple a schimbat complet strategia de markting pentru review-urile iPhone X, astfel ca acum suntem inundati cu informatii trunchiate despre telefon si poate ca aceasta confuzie generala este exact ceea ce vrea Apple.

iPhone X si primele impresii despre noul telefon

Business Insider

“The iPhone X is a refreshing redesign. After over three years of essentially the same look, it’s nice to see Apple make something radically different again. The best part is the screen. At 5.8 inches, it’s slightly larger than the iPhone 8 Plus screen, but on a body that’s only a little larger than the iPhone 8. For everyone avoiding the plus-sized iPhones because of their surfboard-like construction, the X will strike the perfect balance […] The X’s screen is stunning, almost as if it’s painted onto the phone […] In my short time with the iPhone X, Face ID has worked well. It unlocks the phone quickly in low light, bright light, the dim light of Business Insider’s video studio, and even in a pitch-black closet.

Many of my apps haven’t been redesigned for the new screen size, so they show up with thick black bars on the top and bottom to mimic the same aspect ratio you’d get on a regular iPhone screen. It looks like a lot of wasted space.Other apps have been refitted for the iPhone X screen, but have made a bunch of funky design choices. For example, some have large chunks of unused space at the bottom near the home bar. And I saw at least one app that showed the home bar bleeding into the menu icons at the bottom of the screen.”

The Verge

“The screen is bright and colorful and appears to be laminated tighter than previous iPhones, so it looks like the pixels are right on top. Honestly, it does kind of look like a live 3D render instead of an actual working phone. [The notch is] ugly, but it tends to fade away after a while in portrait mode. It’s definitely intrusive in landscape, though — it makes landscape in general pretty messy. Less ignorable are the bezels around the sides and bottom of the screen, which are actually quite large. Apps that haven’t been specifically updated for the iPhone X but use Apple’s iOS autolayout system will fill the screen, but wacky things happen.

I had a lot of problems pulling the iPhone X out of my pocket and having it fail to unlock until Apple clarified that FaceID works best at a distance of 25 to 50 centimeters away from your face, or about 10 to 20 inches. FaceID works great in the dark, because the IR projector is basically a flashlight, and flashlights are easy to see in the dark. But go outside in bright sunlight, which contains a lot of infrared light, or under crappy florescent lights, which interfere with IR, and FaceID starts to get a little inconsistent.”


“It’s the most radical visual change the iPhone line has ever seen, and I sort of love it. Aesthetics aside, the iPhone X feels fantastic, with a level of fit and finish that’s highly impressive even by Apple’s standards. That screen, by the way, is easily among the most impressive I’ve ever seen in a phone. Apple says it tuned for accuracy over sheer punchiness, and the effect is unmistakable. While the Galaxy Note 8 delivers much more vivid colors, the iPhone X is more subdued and natural. I’ve grown used to Samsung’s lurid screens, but the iPhone X definitely punches in the same weight class, even if it seems a little dimmer.”


“Unlocking isn’t automatic. Instead, the phone “readies for unlock” when it recognizes my face. So I look at the iPhone, and then a lock icon at the top unlocks. But the iPhone still needs my finger-swipe to finish the unlock. It’s fast, but that extra step means it’s not instantaneous. Face ID did recognize me most of the time but sometimes, every once in a while, it didn’t […]

Double-clicking the side button brings up Apple Pay, but an additional face-glance is needed to authorize a payment. I tried it on our vending machine at the office and sometimes it worked great. Sometimes Face ID didn’t seem to recognize me. Picture quality improvement isn’t immediately noticeable over previous iPhones, but that’s a testament to how good Apple’s previous TrueTone displays are. The larger screen gives the iPhone a more current and immersive feel. My face ended up looking oddly cut-out and poorly lit. Unlike the rear cameras, which seemed to produce hit-or-miss Portrait Lighting shots, I haven’t had luck with my own selfies.”