Aplicatii compatibile cu 3D Touch pe iPhone 6S


aplicatii compatibile 3D TouchSistemul 3D Touch implementat de catre compania Apple in iPhone 6S si iPhone 6S Plus nu este disponibil exclusiv pentru aplicatiile native ale sistemului de operare, ci poate fi utilizat inclusiv in aplicatiile terte lansate in App Store.

Pentru ca tehnologia este atat de populara, unii dezvoltatori au implementat deja suport pentru 3D Touch in aplicatiile disponibile in App Store, iar daca ati cumparat astazi un iPhone 6S ori un iPhone 6S Plus, atunci puteti incerca sistemul pe propriile dispozitive.

Sistemul 3D Touch din iPhone 6S si iPhone 6S Plus are la baza gesturile Peek si Pop care ne ofer aposibilitatea de a controla diverse functii ale aplicatiilor native, insa in aplicatiile terte ele ne vor oferi cu siguranta noi optiuni, inclusiv pentru accesarea meniurilor interne mai usor.

Aplicatii compatibile cu 3D Touch pe iPhone 6S

  • Magic Piano: Smule has made its piano app react to pressure. By pressing keys with different levels of force, you can change the sound volume of the notes to create more complex and more varied music.
  • Launch Center Pro: Just do a firm press, using 3D Touch, on the app icon to quickly start your favorite Launch Center actions. Customize the list in the settings.
  • Workflow: Like Launch Center, jump to workflows straight from the Home screen with 3D Touch. You can also use 3D Touch inside the app to Peek at workflow details.
  • Instagram: As demoed on the Apple event stage, post an image to Instagram faster using Home screen Quick Actions. From within the app, peek at photos in your timeline using 3D Touch firm presses.
  • AG Drive: On stage, Apple presented 3D Touch as a breakthrough in mobile gaming. AG Drive is one of the first games to utilize 3D Touch — use firm presses to accelerate.
  • CARROT Weather: Use 3D Touch Quick Actions to jump to weather forecasts for saved locations.
  • OmniGraffle: Quickly start a new document or open diagrams in progress, by firmly pressing on the app icon from the Home screen to activate 3D Touch Quick Actions.
  • Dropbox: Preview files and folders by firmly pressing on their names from within the Dropbox app. Push harder to ‘pop’ the content into view. You can also access your most recent file from the Home screen using the Quick Actions gesture.
  • The Night Sky: 3D Touch enhances the experience of tracking constellations and stars in The Night Sky.
  • Sky Guide: Like Night Sky, preview articles when searching for stars using the 3D Touch Peek and Pop gestures. Sky Guide also has Home screen app icon shortcuts.
  • Shazam: Use 3D Touch on the app icon to start song detection without even opening the app.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest has added support for the iPhone 6s pressure-sensitive screen by letting users open Pins with a firm press.
  • Colloquy: Use 3D Touch to peek into chat rooms and preview web links without leaving the app. Disconnect from IRC with app icon Quick Actions.