Prima Pagina Facebook Cum descarci o copie a contului tau Facebook

Cum descarci o copie a contului tau Facebook


Daca ai fost vreodata interesat sa descarci o copie a contului tau Facebook, ei bine compania care detine reteaua de socializare iti ofera posibilitatea de a descarca o arhiva care contine toate informatiile publicate de catre tine pe propriul cont.

Facebook este doar una dintre companiile care ofera posibilitatea de a face arhive ale conturilor utilizatorilor si asta in ideea de a le permite sa revina la utilizarea serviciilor lor in situatia in care se vor hotara vreodata sa isi inchida temporar contul.

Cum faci o copie a contului Facebook

Pentru a face o copie a contului Facebook trebuie sa :

  • Accesezi reteaua de socializare
  • Accesezi meniu Settings apasand pe ultimul buton din dreapta sus vizibil meniul superior.
  • Accesezi sectiunea General.
  • In ea vei vedea o optiune numita Download a copy of your Facebook data.
  • Apasa cuvantul Download a copy si vei fi directionat spre o noua pagina in care va trebui sa apesi butonul Start my archive pentru a initia arhivarea datelor. Aceasta procedura ar putea dura pana la cateva ore.
  • Acum confirmati initierea procedurii prin introducerea parolei contului vostru, Facebook anuntandu-va ca veti primi un email cand arhivarea a fost finalizata.
  • Dupa ce arhivarea a fost finalizata veti primi un email din care va trebui sa accesati link-ul de download pentru a descarca arhiva care contine copia contului Facebook.

Arhiva respectiva poate fi dezarhivata cu un program pentru dezarhivare si veti putea accesa toate datele salvate de catre compania Facebook pentru contul vostru.

Ce date se salveaza

Conform companiei Facebook, arhiva care contine o copie a contului tau Facebook are disponibile toate pozele si clipurile video publicate de catre tine in cont, dar si toate conversatiile purtate cu diversi prieteni prin intermediul sistemului Messenger, asa ca puteti avea totul in calculator.

Fisierele cu datele voastre pot avea dimensiuni diferite in functie de vechimea in retea si continutul multimedia, deci vorbim despre arhive care pot avea sute de MB, GB sau chiar zeci de GB, fisierele multimedia fiind salvate in formatul lor normal.

Conform Facebook, aceasta este intreaga lista de date salvate :

  • About Me: Information you added to the About section of your Timeline like relationships, work, education, where you live and more. It includes any updates or changes you made in the past and what is currently in the About section of your Timeline.
  • Account Status History: The dates when your account was reactivated, deactivated, disabled or deleted.
  • Active Sessions: All stored active sessions, including date, time, device, IP address, machine cookie and browser information.
  • Ads Clicked: Dates, times and titles of ads clicked (limited retention period).
  • Address: Your current address or any past addresses you had on your account.
  • Ad Topics: A list of topics that you may be targeted against based on your stated likes, interests and other data you put in your Timeline.
  • Alternate Name: Any alternate names you have on your account (ex: a maiden name or a nickname).
  • Apps: All of the apps you have added.
  • Birthday Visibility: How your birthday appears on your Timeline.
  • Chat: A history of the conversations you’ve had on Facebook Chat (a complete history is available directly from your messages inbox).
  • Check-Ins: The places you’ve checked into.
  • Currency: Your preferred currency on Facebook. If you use Facebook Payments, this will be used to display prices and charge your credit cards.
  • Current City: The city you added to the About section of your Timeline.
  • Date of Birth: The date you added to Birthday in the About section of your Timeline.
  • Deleted Friends: People you’ve removed as friends.
  • Education: Any information you added to Education field in the About section of your Timeline.
  • Emails: Email addresses added to your account (even those you may have removed).
  • Events: Events you’ve joined or been invited to.
  • Facial Recognition Data: A unique number based on a comparison of the photos you’re tagged in. We use this data to help others tag you in photos.
  • Family: Friends you’ve indicated are family members.
  • Favorite Quotes: Information you’ve added to the Favorite Quotes section of the About section of your Timeline.
  • Followers: A list of people who follow you.
  • Friend Requests: Pending sent and received friend requests.
  • Friends: A list of your friends.
  • Gender: The gender you added to the About section of your Timeline.
  • Groups: A list of groups you belong to on Facebook.
  • Hidden from News Feed: Any friends, apps or pages you’ve hidden from your News Feed.
  • Hometown: The place you added to hometown in the About section of your Timeline.
  • IP Addresses: A list of IP addresses where you’ve logged into your Facebook account (won’t include all historical IP addresses as they are deleted according to a retention schedule).
  • Locale: The language you’ve selected to use Facebook in.
  • Logins: IP address, date and time associated with logins to your Facebook account.
  • Logouts: IP address, date and time associated with logouts from your Facebook account.
  • Messages: Messages you’ve sent and received on Facebook. Note, if you’ve deleted a message it won’t be included in your download as it has been deleted from your account.
  • Name: The name on your Facebook account.
  • Name Changes: Any changes you’ve made to the original name you used when you signed up for Facebook.
  • Networks: Networks (affiliations with schools or workplaces) that you belong to on Facebook.
  • Notification Settings: A list of all your notification preferences and whether you have email and text enabled or disabled for each.
  • Pages You Admin: A list of pages you admin.
  • Pending Friend Requests: Pending sent and received friend requests.
  • Phone Numbers: Mobile phone numbers you’ve added to your account, including verified mobile numbers you’ve added for security purposes.
  • Photos: Photos you’ve uploaded to your account.
  • Photos Metadata: Any metadata that is transmitted with your uploaded photos.
  • Physical Tokens: Badges you’ve added to your account.
  • Pokes: A list of who’s poked you and who you’ve poked. Poke content from our mobile poke app is not included because it’s only available for a brief period of time. After the recipient has viewed the content it’s permanently deleted from our systems.
  • Political Views: Any information you added to Political Views in the About section of Timeline.
  • Posts by Others: Anything posted to your Timeline by someone else, like wall posts or links shared on your Timeline by friends.
  • Privacy Settings: Your privacy settings.
  • Recent Activities: Actions you’ve taken and interactions you’ve recently had.
  • Registration Date: The date you joined Facebook.
  • Religious Views: The current information you added to Religious Views in the About section of your Timeline.
  • Screen Names: The screen names you’ve added to your account, and the service they’re associated with. You can also see if they’re hidden or visible on your account.
  • Spoken Languages: The languages you added to Spoken Languages in the About section of your Timeline.
  • Status Updates: Any status updates you’ve posted.
  • Work: Any current information you’ve added to Work in the About section of your Timeline.
  • Videos: Videos you’ve posted to your Timeline.

Care este utilitatea ?

O arhiva cu o copie a contului tau Facebook ar putea fi foarte utila in momentul in care te decizi sa iti stergi contul din reteaua de socializare, dar nu doresti sa pierzi chiar toate datele disponibile, Facebook salvand chiar tot ce tine de contul tau, cu o gama variata de date care pot fi restaurate daca va ganditi sa va redeschideti contul.