iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus – Primele Review-uri

iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus apar in primele review-uri facute de catre jurnalisti, acestia avand cateva cuvinte interesante de spus despre utilitatea lor.

iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus au avut publicate astazi primele review-uri de catre jurnalistii americani care au primit unitati de testare direct de la compania Apple. Vorbim despre primele pareri pe care le vedem de la oameni ce colaboreaza cu Apple si primesc diverse produse pentru a le testa inaintea lansarii, insa in ciuda acestui lucru mai toti sunt obiectivi si pun ceea ce stiti deja despre iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus sunt prezentate ca telefoane care au performante „monstru” iar asta am vazut inclusiv in primele teste de performante facute folosind aplicatia Geekbench. iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus sunt cele mai performante telefoane mobile create vreodata, ele intrecand in performante orice produse mobile existente ale companiei Apple, dar inclusiv noul model MacBook Pro 13 inch lansate in primavara.

iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus sunt prezentate ca upgrade-uri minore fata de iPhone 7, pentru diferentele nu sunt disponibile in numar foarte mare, iar iPhone X „arunca” o umbra mare asupra lor. Mai toti cei care au facut review-uri pentru iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus sunt de parere ca lumea ar trebui sa astepte iPhone X pentru un adevarat upgrade fata de seria iPhone 7, in ciuda pretului mare de vanzare pentru telefon.

iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus – primele review-uri

iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus nu aduc la fel de multe noutati precum iPhone X, iar in ciuda pretului mare, telefonul ofera motive mai bune pentru upgrade. iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus sunt totusi laudate pentru camerele mai bune, incarcarea rapida, dar si incarcarea wireless care functioneaza cu orice fel de incarcatoare Qi, insa mai toata lumea este de acord ca Apple s-a concentrat mai mult pe iPhone X decat pe aceste telefoane.

iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus sunt laudate segmentat de catre unii review-uri, toate aceste functii nefiind laudate in tandem de catre cineva. Mai mult decat atat, unii mai toti sunt de parere ca achizitia iPhone 8 si iPhone 8 Plus merita facuta doar de catre cei care nu au bani sa cumpere iPhone X, sau nu vor sa cheltuie atat de multi bani pentru un telefon, insa functiile in sine nu merita upgrade-ul de la iPhone 7 cat exista iPhone X.

Business Insider

„For the first time in the ten-year history of the iPhone, I can’t recommend buying the newest models. That’s not because the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are bad phones. They’re actually great. But there’s an even better phone on the way […]

My advice is to ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay. If you don’t mind giving up some of the futuristic features in the iPhone X, then the iPhone 8 models will give you the same power and performance and most of the same features of iOS 11 for hundreds of dollars less. But if the price tag doesn’t scare you away, hold off on the iPhone 8s and go for the X.”


„After a week of testing, it’s clear the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 and 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus offer solid if moderate improvements, including better cameras, a faster processor and inductive charging. They could easily have be called the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, but that wouldn’t have been as dramatic […]

The biggest iPhone 8 change is the addition of “wireless” charging, which lets you rest an iPhone on a special surface to recharge it […] It feels like a real improvement over the wired charging, especially if you plop your phone down in the same spot every night before bed. It also somewhat solves one of the iPhone 7’s most vexing problems, caused by the removal of the headphone jack. Since the Lightning port is now free, you can listen to music and charge your phone at the same time again.”

Daring Fireball

„So much of what is inside the iPhone X is also inside the 8’s. These phones are in no way shape or form some sort of half-hearted or minor update over the iPhone 7 […]

No one is going to describe the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as having a radical new design. But they do have new glass backs that are the biggest change to their finishings since this general form factor started with the iPhone 6. The displays have gained True Tone. The cameras are significantly improved, both for still images and video. (Did I mention that both the 8 and 8 Plus can shoot true 4K video at 60 frames per second when you use the new HEVC format instead of the more compatible H.264?) The iPhone 8 Plus gets the new Portrait mode lighting effects. Both phones have the amazing A11 Bionic chip. They get inductive charging.”


„When I first picked up the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, I immediately decided they were actually just the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. I was wrong: They’re definitely much more than that. They’re just saddled with a less exciting design. If you subscribe to the maxim that it’s what’s inside that really counts, the 8 and 8 Plus are big improvements. They pack more storage, great cameras, improved software and absolutely first-rate performance into some highly familiar packages. The iPhone X will continue to suck the air out of the room for the foreseeable future, but one thing has become clear after my week of testing: They might not have the X’s style, but the 8 and 8 Plus are truly excellent phones that won’t let Apple die-hards and new customers down.”

The Telegraph

„There’s a certain type of person who has to have the top-of-the-line iPhone each year, and unless they are worried about facial recognition or losing the home button, they will want to buy the iPhone X in six weeks time – not the iPhone 8 today.

That said, most people aren’t like that. They simply want the phone that will work, will take photos, and get them through the day – as well as not costing them £999. In that case, the iPhone 8 fits. Unlike the iPhone X, it is no revolution. It represents a continuation of what Apple has been doing for some time – tweaking and improving its phones each year.

So the 8 improves enough on the most important aspects of a phone – the display, the camera, performance and reliability – to make me recommend it over the iPhone 7, even if you can pick up the latter for less.”


„This is a camera review. There are a number of updates that should appeal in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but the one question most upgraders are going to be asking is how good is the camera?

So, how does the camera in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus stack up? Killer […] The marquee feature of the iPhone 8 Plus is Portrait Lighting. Using deep learning and computer vision, this mode finds faces in an image, detects the planes and angles that need to be lit and applies a variety of different lighting styles that a user can choose from either before or after the picture is taken. It works better than it has any right to […]

It’s got nearly every technical enhancement that the iPhone X has outside of the TrueDepth camera and OLED screen […] If you’re the kind of person who buys the high end iPhone every year then wait for the iPhone X. With the one added caveat of if the notch for the depth camera on the front of the X offends you, well you have most of the major tech right in the iPhone 8.”


„The good: More storage space, slightly faster camera, improved screen, wireless charging. The bad: It doesn’t feel radically different from the iPhone 7. Who should buy: Those upgrading from an older model like the iPhone 6s who don’t want to spend $999 on the iPhone X […]

If you’re coming from the iPhone 7 family, on the other hand, it’s harder to make the case. If you have last year’s iPhone and want a comparable leap, I’d say boost than rainy day reserve for Apple’s duly next-gen iPhone X.”

The Verge

„After spending a week with the 8, I can’t think of a single compelling reason to upgrade from an iPhone 7. The 7 is still extremely fast, offers virtually the same design in a lighter package with a bigger battery, and will get almost every feature of the 8 with iOS 11. If you really want Qi wireless charging, you can get a slim $15 case that supports it. And if you’re dying for Portrait Lighting, there are tons of photo apps in the App Store that offer similar effects. Of course, if you’re upgrading from anything older than an iPhone 7, the improvements in the camera and the overall speed of the phone are going to really impress you […]

And yet, a lot of people are going to buy an iPhone 8 — it’s the phone to get if you’re on an upgrade plan, your older phone breaks or finally gets too slow, or you just need a new phone right now. It’s Apple’s new default phone, and it’s pretty great that a default phone is actually this good. But it’s not the future, and it’s not the cutting edge. It’s just the default.”

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