iFixIt desface iPod Touch 5G, descopera cateva lucruri interesante

  Cei de la iFixIt au cumparat noul iPod Touch 5G si l-au desfacut pentru a vedea ce a inclus Apple in el, iar descoperirile sunt partial interesante, partial asteptate, avand in vedere ca in general iPod Touch-urile imprumuta hardware-ul iPhone-urilor. Dupa cum v-am spus acum cateva zile, iPod Touch 5G functioneaza cu ajutorul procesorului A5 din iPhone 4S, are 512 MB RAM, este compatibil cu retelele Wi-Fi de 5GHz si are un scor destul de mic in ceea ce priveste posibilitatea de a efectua reparatii. iPod Touch 5G este si cu 20% mai subtire decat iPhone 5, are acelasi ecran, insa are si un buton Home cu o structura ceva mai putin rigida decat in cazul terminalului iPhone 5.

  • A5 Processor
  • Toshiba THGBX2G8D4JLA01 32 GB NAND flash
  • Apple 3381064 dialog power management IC
  • Murata 339S0171 Wi-Fi module
  • Broadcom BCM 5976 touchscreen controller
  • Apple 33831116
  • STMicroelectronics AGD32229ESGEK low-power, three-axis gyroscope
  • Texas Instruments 27AZ5R1 touchscreen SoC

 In final ramane bateria dispozitivului care are 1030 mAh fata de 930, cat avea cea a iPod Touch 4G, iar diferenta in capacitate are desigur legatura cu ecranul mai mare al terminalului, ecran care consuma mai multa energie. In final iPod Touch 5G este o solutie buna pentru cei care nu doresc sa achizitioneze iPhone 5, insa nu veti avea parte de aceleasi performante.

* The 5th Gen iPod Touch has 512 MB of RAM.

* In case you thought that a quick zap with the heat gun and a gentle pry is all it would take to get into the Touch, think again! There are several clips and adhesive holding this iPod together.

* Along with a 4-inch (diagonal) screen, a 5-megapixel iSight camera, and 32 GB or 64 GB storage capacity, the new iPod Touch also sports a retractable post for “the loop.” With any luck, this loop will prevent the unintentional iPod “drop test” that often results in shattered hopes and screens.

* How does the 5th Generation iPod Touch stack up to the iPhone 5? Well, literally speaking, they’re fairly well matched in terms of size. The new iPod Touch shares the same height (within a ± .01 inch difference) as the iPhone 5.

* The volume buttons/microphone/LED flash/power button ribbon cable assembly peels easily from the rear case. We’ve seen this type of design in previous Apple products. The shift to a single ribbon cable is more cost-effective for the manufacturer, but unfortunately it has a negative impact on repairability.

* Cables connected to the logic board run over the top and connect on the bottom, making it difficult to remove the board or disconnect the cables.

* In our recent iPhone 5 teardown, we praised Apple for redesigning a stronger home button. We were somewhat disappointed with the weaker, rubber-membrane design of the iPod Touch’s home button.

* The battery inside the Touch is secured with just the right amount of adhesive—and is again soldered to the logic board. This Plain Jane battery provides 3.8 Whr at 3.7 V for a rating of 1030 mAh, a little more than the previous model’s 930 mAh.