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iPhone 6 si iPhone 6 Plus – primele review-uri lauda design-ul performantele si o autonomie de 2 zile! (Video)


  Daca aseara v-am prezentat primul review 4K iPhone 6 si iPhone 6 Plus facute de catre un utilizator care a reusit sa obtina ambele terminale inaintea lansarii, iata ca astazi vine randul marilor publicatii americane sa-si spuna parerea in legatura cu noile terminale. Dupa cum era de asteptat, cei care au avut ocazia de a testa iPhone 6 si iPhone 6 Plus lauda cele doua terminale din toate punctele de vedere, chiar si in cazul autonomiei, care ajunge la 2 zile pe iPhone 6 Plus.


  Noile ecrane Retina HD cu rezolutii imbunatatite afiseaza imagini mult mai clare, terminalele au viteze mai mari de navigare pe internet prin retele 4G LTE sau WiFi, iar in ceea ce priveste performantele, ele sunt net superioare celor ale iPhone 5S. era greu de crezut ca iPhone 6 si iPhone 6 Plus  vor atrage comentarii negative din partea cuiva, era greu de crezut ca nimeni nu le va recomanda pentru achizitie, iar primele review-uri pun noile terminale Apple intr-o lumina extrem de favorabila.

iPhone 6 si iPhone 6 Plus review

Brad Molen, Engadget

Both iPhones are thinner than their predecessor. Whereas the 5s was 7.6mm thick, the 6 comes in at 6.9mm, with the 6 Plus measuring a hair thicker at 7.1mm. I don’t always subscribe to the “thinner is better” mantra, but it’s a benefit in this case because larger iPhones wouldn’t feel as comfortable if they had the same shape as the 5s. If I had to choose based on in-hand feel alone, I’d pick the 6 over the Plus. I can still wrap my fingers around the 6 just as easily as I could with the 5s (and its curved sides don’t cut as sharply as the edges on the 5s), but the large-screened 6 Plus is… well, it’s manageable.

Both the 6 and 6 Plus use an IPS Retina HD display, but the Plus is even more high-def than the 6. It has a screen resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, which means you’ll get a pixel density of 401 pixels per inch. On the flipside, the 6 maxes out at 1,334 x 750, which translates into 326 ppi. (That’s the same screen density as the 5s.) Both displays are sharp, but I do see some minor differences between the two when I look at them side by side. Specifically, the Plus’ text and images are sharper, with no jagged lines whatsoever.

David Pierce/Nilay Patel (iPhone 6iPhone 6 Plus), The Verge:

[iPhone 6 Plus] Huge phones get to have huge batteries, and the iPhone 6 Plus is a huge phone with a huge battery: I consistently got about two days of battery life from the 6 Plus in regular daily use — slightly more than the day and half we got from the iPhone 6, and basically the same as the Note 3.

[iPhone 6 Plus] That aluminum feels quite nice, but it’s also a little slippery, especially when you factor in the size of the phone and its rounded sides. The iPhone 6 Plus is the first iPhone that looks and works better in a case — I’ve been using Apple’s leather sleeve and it makes the phone easier to hold, evens out that camera bump, and hides the weird lines on the back.

[iPhone 6] There’s something perfectly polished about the way it feels to use this screen. I’ve never felt so much like I was truly moving things around under my finger, manipulating icons and pictures by hand. It’s organic and natural in a distinctly Apple way.

Walt Mossberg/Lauren Goode (iPhone 6iPhone 6 Plus), Re/code:

[iPhone 6] And, despite the larger screen, all my apps — by Apple and third parties — just worked. None that I tested looked distorted or blurry. Apple says its App Store now offers 1.3 million apps, a new high.

[iPhone 6] In my tests, I found the iPhone 6’s Wi-Fi speeds — both downstream and upstream — were roughly double those of the 5s, and about 25 percent faster than those of the Samsung Galaxy S5. But I saw little difference in LTE speeds, either on Verizon or AT&T.

[iPhone 6 Plus] Oh, and if, like me, you rarely get a full day out of your current iPhone’s battery, this might excite you: In my tests, which involved setting the display brightness to 50 percent and cycling through my regular routine of apps and phone calls, the iPhone 6 Plus would last from early one morning until evening the following day. (Calls sounded great, as well.)


Jim Dalrymple, The Loop:

[iPhone 6] It is tough to reach the far top edge of the screen, but I can do it with a little stretch. It’s easier to shimmy my hand up the phone and touch the far edge, if I need to, but to be honest, holding the iPhone in my left hand, there isn’t much on the far right side that I ever need to touch.

[iPhone 6 Plus] The 6 Plus was awkward for me to use at first–it was kind of like using a smaller version of the iPad mini, but it was a phone. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of using it on an ongoing basis, but the larger screen eventually won me over.

[iPhone 6 Plus] I still can’t imagine walking around with a device as big as the iPhone 6 Plus to my ear, talking on the phone. That would just look silly. I’ve said it about other devices this size in the past and my opinion on that hasn’t changed. Maybe a Bluetooth ear piece would be a nice add-on for the iPhone 6 Plus.

David Pogue, Yahoo:

Inside, Apple has been up to its usual tightening and polishing. There’s a new chip inside that Apple says is 25 percent faster. You wouldn’t notice it without testing the old and new phones side by side. Apps, for example, pop open about a half-second faster on the new phone.

The Plus model has optical image stabilization — the lens jiggles in precise motion to counteract the handheld movement of the phone itself — that works supremely well.

Darrell Etherington (iPhone 6iPhone 6 Plus), TechCrunch:

[iPhone 6] New also to this generation is the all-metal back casing, which replaces the glass top and bottom panels with thin connecting seams instead. This makes for a more unified look when you turn the phone around, and something that gets closer to the unbroken single plane of the iPad mini and iPad Air’s rear shell. The Space Gray version I tested benefits very much from this unbroken look, and the front of the device is no less impressive.

[iPhone 6 Plus] Touch Assist is the feature Apple created to help users deal with much larger devices, regardless of the size of their hands and digits. The iPhone 6 Plus leans on this especially, as it’s impossible for anyone not in the NBA to reach their thumb across to the top opposite corner. I find it difficult to even reach across the other side of the screen, let alone the corner, when one-handing the device.

[iPhone 6 Plus] For most tasks, I find the iPhone 6 Plus to be a two-handed device — but I also find that I’m absolutely fine with that. The 6 Plus is closer in usage style to an iPad mini, in my experience, albeit one that’s pocketable and capable of full cellular voice communications.


On iPhone 6 battery life (Scott Stein):

In the quest to create a super-thin iPhone, maybe Apple should have thought about a thicker iPhone with better battery life instead. Apple’s claims are about an hour more Wi-Fi and LTE Web browsing, an hour more video playback, 4 hours more talk time, and 10 hours more audio playback than the iPhone 5S. Our CNET video-loop battery test, which tests playback of a CNET video with Airplane mode on and screen set to half brightness, lasted 10 hours and 38 minutes, versus 11 hours on the iPhone 5S (running iOS 7). We’ll be running that test a few more times, so stay tuned for a final battery score. My casual use, doing downloads, heavy Web browsing, endless social media checks, photos, video streaming, and all the stuff I normally do on my iPhone, showed the same type of battery drain I’ve gotten used to on the iPhone 5S. It’s enough to hang in for a chunk of the day, but it’s not the all-day-plus battery life I wanted on a new iPhone.

Stuart Miles – Pocket-lint

Immaculately crafted, the iPhone 6 shows that you can create a device that blows everything else out of the water when it comes to design. That might sound like an Apple fanboy cliché, but we’ve put the iPhone 6 in the hands of ardent Android fans and they agree: the iPhone 6 sets a new standard for smartphone design. We’ve habitually been reaching to the top for the power button – something you’ll adjust to with use – but its position on the side is better for those who don’t have big enough hands or fingers to reach on this new larger frame. Overall, we’re mightily impressed with the iPhone 6’s design and build. It’s very much a phone we’d recommend you go and touch, because it’s likely to make a number of manufacturers take a second look at their own premium portfolio. Importantly, however, it feels like a big upgrade over the iPhone 5S, something that iPhone owners are going to want to upgrade to.

Joanna Stern – WSJ

The keyboards are just one example of how apps can now integrate and talk to Apple’s hardware and software. Even the iPhone’s Touch ID thumbprint reader now talks with other apps. I tested a beta version of my favorite password manager, Dashlane, that can use my thumbprint as a master password and fills in usernames and passwords in the mobile Web browser automatically.

The operating system’s organization feels stale. The information and apps I need the most are buried. While the Today screen will soon support third-party widgets, I wasn’t able to test it and besides, it feels a little out of the way. There’s no easy way to just peek into an app from the home screen, or personalize a device, a la Android and Windows Phone.

I’ll probably always have gripes, but iOS 8 pulls out ahead of the competition by leveraging the greatest strengths of the iPhone: its apps and ecosystem. After you tap the Update button, those small perks and fixes will make the most difference.

Joshua Topolsky – BusinessWeek

While consumers are already clamoring for the larger of the two phones, I found the iPhone 6 Plus too large and unwieldy to use as my daily driver. It does offer better battery life and an improved camera stabilizer compared with the iPhone 6, but its size proved to be more than I wanted to grapple with on a regular basis. Think of it this way: The iPhone 6 Plus is only slightly smaller than an iPad Mini, which means one-handed use is messy even with Reachability, and holding it up to a normal-size head looks slightly absurd. Maybe there are legions of Galaxy Note fans in the world just waiting for Apple’s take on the phablet, but I’m not one of those people.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6 feels like the perfect phone in my hand. Not too big and not too small. Its thin frame still makes the device seem compact, but the added display real estate is a breath of fresh air if you’re coming from an earlier model. Yes, this is an iPhone 6 in my pocket. And yes, I am happy to see you.

With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple has proven that not only can it make a bigger phone, but it can make a bigger phone better than anyone else in the marketplace. Between the slick software, killer hardware, and deep integration into Apple’s amazing ecosystem, the iPhone is back in the spotlight.

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    Daca Apple le ofera telefoanele, cum sa zica cv negativ despre ele?

    Apple isi face reclama prin ei, iar ei se multumesc cu vizualizari si cu faptul ca au fost printre primii care au oferit un review.

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    Sunt Americani , gol pe interior sa fie iPhone -ul , ei zic ca e perfect ,,

    Trist , multi au dat uitarii Note 4 ,,

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    @mircea: Cand scriu bine de Android, oare cat primesc bani ?

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    Io in general nu am nici o treaba cu nimeni, fie apple fie samsung, recunosc, am ip3, ip4 si ip5, inainte de iphone aveam o gramada de nokia, dar pe mine ca si client, as vrea ca oricare din companiile astea(apple, samsung, htc, etc.) sa ma respecte cumva prin produsul pe care il comercializeaza. Nu sunt fanul nimanui si nu ma bag in nici un razboi, fiecare cu parerea lui, io pur si simplu atrageam atentia asupra faptului ca e posibil ca alba ca zapada sa nu fie atat de alba si DA, ai dreptate, sunt sigur ca si cei de la samsung dau bani pt astfel de reclame. Repet, la momentul asta e prea devreme sa ma decid daca o sa-mi cumpar ip6 sau nu, dar in general lucrurile care sunt prea frumoase ca sa fie adevarate, in realitate, nu sunt( ref: baterie, clar nu cred faza cu autonomia, e prea trasa de par, desi imi doresc un ipone cu o baterie buna). Have a nice day!

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    Review-urile sunt OK. Nu consider ca sunt exagerate. Acelasi tip de review politicos il primesc toate flagship-urile.
    Ma rog, e printre ei un spalat pe creier, ala care zice ca pana ce si androizii sunt impresionati de designul iPhone 6 … iarta-l Doamne ca nu stie ce zice.

  • Silviu

    Mirce@ draga,

    Eu sunt fan Apple, adica un om plin de admiratie pentru inginerii care fac posibile (prin engineering design) aceste produse. Ma simt respectat si reprezentat. Nu as cumpara niciodata un android si nu m-as mai intoarce la Nokia. Cand platesc pentru un iPhone, iPad sau MacBook stiu ca banii ajung la niste oameni care-i merita. E un sentiment pe care iti doresc sa-l ai intr-o buna zi.

  • Reli

    Il am in mana deja 6/white/16
    Sunt ipresionat de design,cum se misca si marimea care nu deranjeaza. Probleme in showroom cu spacegrey: jos la mufa audio se cojea pur si simplu ca vopseaua de pe masina . Ma refer la cel expus de three uk . In rest numai de bine . Ramane sa mai testam. O zi buna tuturor.

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