Prima Pagina Facebook Facebook: Produsele AMANATE din Cauza Scandalurilor

Facebook: Produsele AMANATE din Cauza Scandalurilor

Facebook a luat decizia de a amana lansarea a doua produse din cauza scandalurilor in care compania americana a fost implicata in ultimele saptamani.


Facebook Produse AMANATE Scandaluri

Facebook intentiona sa lanseze in primavara acestui an doua noi produse importante care sa concureze cu Samsung, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc, insa din cauza scandalurilor privind datele utilizatorilor, a fost obligata sa renunte la idee. Mai exact, compania Facebook a dorit sa lanseze doua boxe inteligente pentru clientii din lumea intreaga, insa se pare ca recentul scandal Cambridge Analytica a fortat compania americana sa-si amane planurile pentru toamna 2018.

Facebook urmeaza sa ordone inceperea productiei noilor boxe inteligente in luna iunie, insa se pare ca aceasta va fi cu 20% mai mica decat cea pe care compania americana o avea in mod initial planificata. Facebook dorea sa laseze doua boxe inteligente in 2018, iar acest plan ramane in continuare neschimbat, cele doua noi produse avand numele de cod Aloha si Fiona, ambele avand integrate ecrane cu diagonala de 15 inch pentru a fi controlate.

Facebook – produsele amanate din cauza scandalurilor

Facebook will sell one of the smart speakers at a higher price than the one charged for the other, but this is not abnormal since many manufacturers are launching multiple products in different categories. Facebook wants to give its social networking users the ability to use these smart speakers to communicate more easily with each other, most likely using voice and video calls via Facebook Messenger.

“Facebook’s smart speakers reportedly will begin mass production in June as originally scheduled, but the order volumes for 2018 have been cut by around 20% from the original plan, while the product launch is estimated to be delayed to October. Facebook originally planned to unveil two smart speakers in May, but the plan has been postponed. Facebook has prepared two smart speakers codenamed Fiona and Aloha, both equipped with a 15-inch in-cell panel supplied from LG Display. Pegatron is the sole manufacturer of the two devices.”

Facebook never revealed at any given time, or another, how much it will cost the two new smart speakers, but they are expected to be cheaper than Apple’s HomePod intelligent speaker. Since Facebook’s current plan is to launch its box this autumn, it is expected to make its mark on the market sometime in October – November, but it’s hard to say a clear date for it.