blacksn0w RC2 e compatibil cu iOS 4.0 GM



Saptamana trecuta v-am anuntat ca blacksn0w a fost modificat pentru a functiona pe iOS 4.0 GM insa la momentul respectiv portarea nu era 100% functionala deoarece dupa fiecare restart era necesara reimplementarea patch-ului blacksn0w. Iata ca cei de la au lucrat la modificarea blacksn0w si de cateva zile exista blacksn0w RC2 care este 100% compatibil cu iOS 4.0 GM si nu necesita reaplicarea dupa fiecare restart.

Aceasta versiune de blacksn0w functioneaza EXCLUSIV cu baseband 05.11.07 pe orice device, asa ca daca aveti acest baseband, doriti sa testati iOS 4.0 GM si sunteti dispusi sa treceti la iOS 4.0 GM folosind un custom ipsw atunci aveti cu ce face si decodarea.

blacksn0w RC2 poate fi downloadat din Cydia din repo-ul :

Iata descrierea facuta de developer :

Use on Modem Firmware 05.11.07 ONLY!

V1.2: Support for 4.0 GM. Backwards compatible to 3.1.2/3 as well. V1.1: MyWi tethering fix

Geohot’s unlock for 3.1.2/3.1.3/4.0GM on the iPhone 3GS (and probably 3G). Please donate at if you enjoy.

With 3.1.3 & 4.0 GM patch (when needed) by msft.guy. Packaged by

This is an unofficial release but Geohot HAS given me permission to redistribute blacksn0w. All known issues with WiFi loss and boot loops seem to be fixed. If it doesn’t work for some reason, you should still get the SpringBoard. This allows you to uninstall if necessary. It is a little slower to boot because of the increased safety of the release. A 3GS boots to cell connection established in about 90 seconds in iOS 4 now (50% slower than 3.1.X).

Improvements may be made in the future.