Prima Pagina BigBoss BetterPowerDown aduce in iOS 7 meniurile de inchidere ale iOS 6 si...

BetterPowerDown aduce in iOS 7 meniurile de inchidere ale iOS 6 si iOS 7.1


  BetterPowerDown este un tweak disponibil din cursul serii trecute in Cydia, iar cu ajutorul sau putem implementa in iOS 7 meniurile de inchidere a iDevice-urilor vizibile in iOS 6 si iOS 7.1. Dupa cum prea bine stiti deja, Apple a modificat in iOS 7 meniu de inchidere al iDevice-urilor, iar mai apoi a decis sa il imbunatateasca in iOS 7.1, asa ca in iOS 7.x nu il aveti. Separat de modificarile de design, BetterPowerDown implementeaza si butoane pentru repornire sau respring a iDevice-urilor, deci vetia vea inclusiv optiuni noi.

Hate the default iOS 7.0.x power off screen? Well now you can choose between either iOS 7.1’s or iOS 6.x’s power off sliders! If you like the rest of iOS 7 but hate the power off slider, try out the 7.1 slider! Want to complete your iOS 6 look? BetterPowerDown’s Classic Mode has you covered. Furthermore, if you are a current RePower user, you can enable the RePower functionality built into BetterPowerDown and have respring/reboot sliders that are also styled to either 7.1’s or 6.x’s!

  BetterPowerDown este disponibil la pretul de 1$ in repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia.

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