Multitasktures permite personalizarea gesturilor multitouch

Multitasktures este un nou tweak recent lansat in Cydia care ne permite sa folosim gesturile multitouch prin plugin-ul Activator. Dezvoltatorul tweak-ului s-a inspirat din gesturile multitouch disponibile in iOS incepand cu versiunea 4.3 insa le-a facut folosint Activator care ne permite sa personalizam modul in care folosim gesturile. Gesturile din iOS presupun folosirea a 4/5 degete pentru a trece de la o aplicatie la alta, pentru a inchide o aplicatie sau deschide task switcher-ul. Multitasktures ne permite sa setam noi ce gesturi dorim sa facem pentru a intreprinde aceste miscari. Totul se face din meniul Activator situat in aplicatia Settings deoarece Multitasktures nu vine cu vreo iconita sau meniu separat.

Multitasktures este disponibil gratuit in Cydia in repo-ul BigBoss.

Requires iOS 4.3 or higher

Multitasktures lets you switch between apps in the switcher by Activator-Gestures.

This tweak utilizes Apple’s app-switching which was enabled in the betas for iOS 4.3, but was then disabled for release. Multitasktures lets you assign these Methods to Activator. Now you can switch between apps (for example) by swiping the statusbar left-right or by pressing the volume buttons.

Multitasktures has no Settings. Go to Activator’s Preferences and assign gestures. Only then you’ll be able to use this tweak.

There are no new icons added to your homescreen, and no options to configure. This adds new actions to Activator, which you can find in Settings app.