Prima Pagina Samsung Galaxy S9 Samsung Galaxy S9: Primele Review-uri (VIDEO)

Samsung Galaxy S9: Primele Review-uri (VIDEO)

Samsung Galaxy S9 este prezentat in primele review-uri care ne povestesc in detaliu toate noutatile pe care telefoanele companiei coreene le ofera pentru clienti.


Samsung Galaxy S9 primele Review

Samsung Galaxy S9 a fost testat timp de mai bine de o saptamana de catre jurnalisti din diverse colturi ale globului, iar astazu au inceput sa apara si primele review-uri pentru noul telefon mobil al companiei coreene. Ei bine, spre bucuria multor fani Android, Samsung Galaxy S9 se anunta a fi un competitor puternic pentru iPhone X, jurnalistii declarand cam la unison acest lucru, dar cred ca nimeni nu se astepta la ceva diferit.

Samsung Galaxy S9 este departe de a fi perfect, insa chiar si asa, majoritatea review-urilor sunt pozitive, iar asta si pentru ca noul model de telefon este practic o imbunatatire a unuia existent de vreun an. Jurnalistii afirma ca Samsung Galaxy S9 este practic o versiune usor imbunatatita a Samsung Galaxy S8, unii recomandand chiar achizitionarea celui din urma pentru persoanele care nu vor sa cheltuiasca o suma atat de mare de bani.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – primele review-uri lauda noul telefon

Samsung Galaxy S9 are laudata din plin noua camera implementata de catre compania coreeana, ea reusind sa intreaca iPhone X in multe dintre testele realizate, unele dintre ele fiind si publicate pe internet. Samsung Galaxy S9 are laudate inclusiv difuzoarele stereo ca fiind superioare celor din iPhone X, iar cand vine vorba despre ecran, presa a avut deasemenea cuvinte de lauda, desi diferentele in comparatie cu iPhone X nu sunt chiar atat de mari.

Samsung Galaxy S9 nu are aplicatia AR Emoji laudata de catre presa, iar asta am vazut la multi jurnalisti care sustin ca ea ar fi chiar sinistra, insa aici totul tine si de gusturile fiecaruia care o foloseste. Partea interesanta este ca sistemul de recunoastere faciala al Samsung Galaxy S9 este considerat a fi mai incet decat Face ID, nivelul de securitate fiind in mod clar inferior, dar nimeni nu credea ca Samsung poate copia Face ID atat de usor.

Restul povestii e in citatele de mai jos.

The Wall Street Journal

“Nobody makes better-looking phones than Samsung. Last year’s Galaxy S8 was a particular gem of a device, glassy and stark with that “infinity display” stretching almost entirely across the front. It was thoughtfully designed on a level only Apple used to be able to achieve. As a result, it flew off shelves.  So why change anything? Nine versions in, Samsung feels it has landed on the right design for its Galaxy S phones. A company spokeswoman compared Samsung’s approach to the way a luxury car maker might build new models: Nip and tuck, but dont change what people already love.”


“I don’t normally compare Android phones with the iPhone because the product ecosystems are so different […] There’s no question the Galaxy S9 is a worthy Android rival to the iPhone X, with a great screen, camera, wireless charging and more. If you’re buying an Android phone and don’t like Apple products for whatever reason, this is a safe bet. This brings up a larger point: Samsung’s Galaxy S9 feels a lot like the move from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 8. It’s an upgrade, but not really a huge bump in a lot of ways. Samsung needs something in the Galaxy S range that pushes the boundaries a bit more, like the iPhone X does in Apple’s lineup.”

The Verge

“There are a couple issues with Samsung’s AR Emoji. First, Samsung isn’t using any special tech to capture your face or movements, it’s just relying on the front or rear camera, so tracking is bad. Second, the characters it creates are on the wrong side of creepy, and everyone I’ve tested it with has been completely turned off with the results. The animal characters are similarly weird. It’s definitely something that Samsung built just to compete with Apple, and it’s not very good.”


“However, he adds that the Galaxy S9’s iris scanner and facial recognition system are both slower than Face ID on the iPhone X. While it’s nice that there are multiple ways to unlock the S9, the iris and face scanners aren’t as quick as the iPhone X. The iris scanner requires you to hold the phone pretty much at eye level and takes a few moments to scan, whereas Apple’s Face ID technology seems to work almost instantaneously, at a range of angles.”


“Yes, the camera is smart enough to identify the amount of light in a scene and switch to the suitable aperture, but the photos don’t stomp all over the iPhone X’s or Pixel 2’s shots, even in low light scenarios. The iPhone X still takes the prize for color accuracy. The S9 camera still over-saturates and over-processes photos. And the Pixel 2 XL is still the sharpness and low-light champion.”